IE expo 2016: China’s solid waste industry holds huge market potential

IE expo 2016, which will be held on May 5-7, 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), will focus on environmental hot issues like water, air, solid waste and site remediation. With an exhibition area of 75,000m2, IE expo 2016 is expected to attract 1,200 exhibitors and 48,000 visitors.

As the first industry chain platform for polluted water and sewage treatment in Asia, the water sector will showcase advanced solutions and devices and allow industry players to discuss the problems of water shortage and treatment. The water exhibition will also cooperate with IFAT India and IFAT Germany to share media and visitor resources.

Meanwhile, as the solid waste industry gains increasing attention in recent years, IE expo 2016 will specially present the solid waste and recycling sector. This sector will be co-hosted by Messe München (MM), MMZM Trade Fair (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(MMZM).

The society of solid waste of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center and over 200 related enterprises, strategy planning departments and scientific and research institutions expected to attend.

Besides, it will be divided into seven areas, namely Garbage Treatment and Recycling Usage Area, Equipment and Technology for Solid Waste Treatment Area, Measurement, Control and Laboratory Technology Area, Comprehensive Utilization of Solid Waste and Power Generation Area, Science, Research and Technology Achievement Transfer Area, Environmental Service Area and Environmental Sanitation Area.

As the first top feast of solid waste and recycling technological communication in Asia, the solid waste show sector has been widely recognized and highly valued by exhibitors and well-known industry buyers. This year, the exhibition will showcase advanced devices, technologies and one-stop solutions for exhibitors and industry players to communicate new ideas and make trade cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Solid Waste Treatment Sub-Forum of IE expo 2016 Summit will be held simultaneously. Famous experts and delegations from leading scientific and research institutions and solid waste enterprises will attend the forum to discuss hot issues like business patterns, project operation management, cooperation strategy of industry chains, as well as industry and project investment.

Current situation of China’s solid waste industry

As rapid economic growth and population growth led to increased solid waste in recent years, the inadequate solid waste treatment capacity and pollution issues have become two of the most important environmental issues for the Chinese government and industry players. To address the solid waste issues, the Chinese government will invest RMB 2-4 trillion in the solid waste industry during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. Therefore, some industry players predict that the solid waste industry will see an enlarging market and boost the whole environmental industry in the next five years.

Characteristics of China’s solid waste industry

Apart from waste water and gas pollution, solid waste is the third major pollution issue in the environmental area. Solid waste is generally composed of transport, disposition and conversion waste. Its four major characteristics are:

  • Great varieties: According to theLaw of the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste, solid waste can be divided into over 1,000 kinds by attributes and over 10,000 kinds by their commercial value.
  • Complicated treatment process: Solid waste will be disposed in series of steps including burying, smashing, sorting, composting, re-utilization and biological treatment.
  • Huge market value: According to a survey of YOKOHAMA METAL CO.,LTD., over 0.15kg of gold, 100kg of cooper and 3kg of silver can be extracted from 1,000kg discarded mobile phones.
  • Underdevleopment: The solid waste recycling sector is highly scattered and underdeveloped. And new sectors related to solid waste recycling, such as collection of solid waste recycling big data to predict consumption trends and construction of waste bank to recycle high-value solid waste, may emerge in future.

Policy trends of China’s solid waste industry

According to the new Law of Environmental Protection released in 2015, the Chinese government will make great efforts to enforce environmental industry regulation and monitoring including further strengthened information disclosure to promote public participation in environmental activities and enhanced environmental standards. Meanwhile, in order to accelerate the development of the environmental market, the Chinese government introduced several policies like Regulation on the Administration of Franchise and The Way Government Purchasing Services to help industry players seek new business opportunities and increase the investment in the field of solid waste.

Future trends of China’s solid waste industry

Capital operation is key to the development of solid waste entertprises. Since China’s environmental industry became one of the eight strategic emerging industries in 2009, the total investment in this area has reached RMB 1.3 trillion. As one of the most important parts of the environmental area, the solid waste industry has attracted industry players to get involved in the related investment activities and projects. Most environmental enterprises explored their business market and completed transformation through capital operation. For instance, Beijing Enterprises Water Group, Capital Environment Holdings Corporation and Yunnan Water Investment Corporation have merged small enterprises to harvest environmental projects and entered the international market.

Brand image is also important. In order to rebuild or reshape their own brands, some Chinese solid waste companies changed their names, such as Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. and Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd., while Suez Environment Group also integrated its over 40 brands to strengthen its brand image.

The industrial chain continues to prolong. With the industrial chain continuing to prolong, the enterprises increasingly focus on front-end processing and back-end recycling. For instance, Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. merged the related scientific and technological institutions and obtained the project of rural and urban sanitation integration.

Solid waste enterprises go overseas, mainly targeting Europe and Southeast Asia. Encouraged by the “One Belt, One Road” policy, well-developed companies have expanded their business into Europe and Southeast Asia and cooperated with foreign companies for market exploration.

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