IAIR Global Excellence Award recognises Nippon Paint’s green innovation

Nippon Paint has been conferred with the Best Company for Leadership award in Paint Technology Asia by IAIR®, one of the world’s leading ranking and prize for excellences in global economy and sustainability.

This award reaffirms Nippon Paint’s commitment to ecological sustainability and technological innovation to protect and beautify our surroundings.

“As one of the largest paint and coatings manufacturers in Asia, it is important that we continue our R&D efforts to bring to the market paint innovations that respond to both the current and evolving needs of Asian consumers. We are very honoured to be recognized for our leadership in paint technology, said Mr Wee Siew Kim, Group CEO, NIPSEA Group of Companies.”

According to IAIR® panel of judges, Nippon Paint achieved this Award for the continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the research and the development of new technologies to create environmentally sustainable new paints that respond to the ever-evolving needs of our customers with customer focus, personal growth and technological innovation.

About NIPSEA Group

The NIPSEA Group is founded in 1962 in Singapore by Mr Goh Cheng Liang. NIPSEA Group is a joint-venture between Wuthelam Holdings Pte Ltd and Nippon Paint Co. Ltd. Nippon Paint Co Ltd is among the largest paint manufacturers and the first paint company in Japan.

NIPSEA Group manufactures and sells Nippon Paint products in 15 Asian countries. Each of NIPSEA’s over 30 manufacturing facilities and operations is committed to offering trusted, quality and professional service to its customers. Overall, the company generates close to 1 billion litres of paints and coats annually – positioning NIPSEA Group as a preferred supplier of paints and coating choice in Asia. This reputation is underpinned by our 15,000-strong workforce efficiently serving all aspects of the business, from production to customer fulfilment.

At NIPSEA Group, we promote environmental sustainability through our research and development of quality paints that are produced to exacting safe and environmental standards. Increasingly over time, our efforts are focused towards utilizing minimum resources in production and manufacture, ensuring the reduction of impact to the environment.

For further information about NIPSEA Group, please visit our website at www.nipponpaint.com

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