Heliatek and AGC sign a development agreement to integrate organic sol

Innovative BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics*) will further help architects to design energy harvesting, zero emission buildings to meet worldwide green directives to reduce carbon emissions.

Dresden, Germany – Heliatek GmbH, a global leader in manufacturing high-end Solar Films, has signed a joint development agreement with AGC Glass Europe, European branch of AGC (the world’s largest producer of flat glass), already active in traditional BIPV. The agreement is focused on researching and developing the integration of glass and Solar Films, targeting the delivery of integrated solutions for the glass envelope of buildings.

Heliatek’s Solar Films are fabricated in a roll-to-roll process. Their integration in flat glass sheets will enable the entire glass façades of buildings to become highly efficient, solar energy harvesters. This new BIPV solution will provide cost-effective yet significant energy harvesting to reduce a building’s carbon footprint combined with a discrete, aesthetically-pleasing, visual appearance.

Heliatek’s award-winning, Solar Films are ideally suited to this application because of their ability to be manufactured in both opaque and semi-transparent versions in a variety of colors. The films are ultra-light, ultra-thin and highly efficient under real world conditions, thanks to three unique features. They harvest the sun’s energy at peak efficiency for longer daytime periods than traditional solar technologies: from full sun down to a tenth of full sun, such as on a cloudy day. In addition, they can operate efficiently in any orientation, even when not directly facing the sun and only receiving indirect or diffused light. Finally, their performance remains stable up to 80°C.

* A BIPV system incorporates photovoltaics modules into the building envelope (roof, façade) and serves both as building envelope material and power generator.

About Heliatek

Heliatek, a global leader in high-end solar technology, was spun-off in 2006 from the Technical University of Dresden (IAPP) and the University of Ulm. It is the global technology leader in the field of organic photovoltaic (OPV) and manufactures solar films based on small molecules and has just recently set a new world record by achieving a cell efficiency of 12%. Heliatek maintains a total staff of 70 employees and specialists at its facilities in Dresden and Ulm, Germany. Investors in Heliatek include leading industrial and financial companies such as BASF, Bosch, RWE, Wellington Partners and eCapital.

More information on www.heliatek.com

For further information on Heliatek, please contact:

Julia Nitsch

Nigel Robson, Vortex Public Relations

About AGC Glass Europe

Based in Belgium, AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the construction (external glazing and interior decorative glass), the automotive (original and replacement glass), and the solar sectors. It has over 100 sites throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia, and employs around 14,500 employees.

More information on www.agc-glass.eu

For further information on AGC Glass Europe, please contact:

Frédéric Bonnefoy
Product Manager Active glass
Chaussée de La Hulpe 166, 1170 Brussels, Belgium
Mobile: +32-473-71.02.67

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