Growth in Australian Hemp Farmers

To supply their fully operational Australian manufacturing plant, Hemp Foods Australia are looking for more Australian Hemp Farmers.

“We are using as much Australian grown hemp seed as we can get our hands on.” states Managing Director Paul Benhaim. Although Hemp Foods Australia grows industrial hemp under Government license, they have been unable to keep up with demand. “We are actively looking to expand contracts to support more Australian farmers.” The only thing stopping the Company is their requirement for Australian Certified Organic land for their organic hemp seed requirements, as their facility is now based on 100% certified organic production.

The potential use of hemp seed as a food source in Australia is expected to increase the rate of our already growing Australian labour force.

Hemp Foods Australia, a pioneer in the Australian hemp food industry since 1999 have announced a record year in 2012 and foresee exponential growth in 2013.

Recently Hemp Foods Australia has slashed the price of their products to celebrate their new production. Price reductions include 30% discount for their hemp oil. When asked if they can sustain these prices, Finance Manager Philip Favaro states “As we no longer import finished products we are able to reduce our costs which we are choosing to pass directly onto the consumer. This way we offer Australian’s an opportunity to rely less on imports and more on supporting an Australian hemp industry.”. In fact Production Manger Martin Ernegg states “with further upscaling and production improvements we are aiming for further cost improvements before next year.”

Giving Australian farmers an opportunity to grow something other than sugar cane or cattle that is also organic and sustainable leaves the feeling of hope for this purpose built hemp seed processing factory.

If you are a farmer interested in cultivating hemp seed on organic certified land then please register your interest via the contact page at

Contact Hemp Foods Australia: 02 6687 1260

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