Green Koncepts unveils Energetix 4.5 – the new urban operating system

Green Koncepts, a leading cloud energy management company, today announced the development of an Urban Operating System, where different vendors, providers and developers can utilize open standards and protocols for co-creationinnovation.

Founder and CEO Kenneth Lee, will be sharing his vision at the International Green Building Conference (IGBC) 2015, today, in a session titled ‘Technology Paradigm Shift for Greener Future Cities’Energetix – The New Urban Operating System’. The session will introduce how Energetix enables the integration of existing building management systems with new IoT technologies that enable interoperable IoT solutions thatto pave the way for smarter and sustainable Smart City infrastructure. IGBC is the anchor event for Singapore Green Building Week 2015, organised by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore.

“We are bringing to market an exciting platform that provides interoperability for different makes of existing building systems and new IoT technologies such as sensors, meters and communications. The goal is to protect existing investments in instrumentation already in place, while driving the convergence of these new technologies into one integrated platform delivered over the Cloud. Customers want a cost effective solution without disrupting building operations and inconveniencing their tenants. Energetix is specifically designed to achieve this and this is why so many of our customers choose Energetix”, said Mr. Lee.

Energetix helps aggregate data across disparate building systems, allowing users to monitor real-time streams of electricity, water and gas usage, as well as temperature, humidity, CO2 and other parameters. With the ability to control and change setpoints,Energetix enables customers to scale from a floor to a building and across a portfolio of properties, integrating their existing building management systems and adding new sub metering and sensors through the platform. This drives productivity as building operations can now be centralized and staffed with highly skilled expertise to drive energy savings.

By leveraging the Cloud, Energetix delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, enabling data driven decisions to be made to optimize systems for maximum efficiency and to cultivate an energy Smart Nation.

As a pioneer in cloud energy management, Green Koncepts provides affordable and scalable solutions to optimize energy efficiency and reduce up to 30% energy costs through continuous real-time energy audits. Their flagship product, Energetix™, the New Urban Operating System helps urban planners, building owners/operators, and facility/energy managers simplify and unify energy management processes with powerful visualisation, advanced analytics, and intelligent controls.

Energetix helps aggregate data across disparate building systems, allowing users to monitor real-time streams of electricity, water and gas usage, as well as temperature, humidity, CO2 and other parameters. Completely vendor-agnostic, Energetix not only excels at collecting raw data from huge volumes of sensors, but more importantly managing the collected big data and bringing it to context for meaningful applications that will help monitor, manage and control energy consumption at any scale, from homes to buildings and entire cities.

Green Koncepts will also be participating in a co-located event, Build Eco Expo (BEX) Asia 2015, where they will demo Energetix™ - The New Urban Operating System, at Booth J18, in Hall B, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. There will also be a presentation about the new capabilities of Energetix at the Green View Seminar on Friday, 4 Sep at 12.45 p.m. , and present a seminar on ‘The Convergence of IoT & Smart Building Energy Management’ as part of the Green View Seminar.

DCiM Solution

Green Koncepts will also be launching a Data Centre infrastructure Management (DCiM) module, that enables data centre managers and facilities managers to centrally monitor and manage, in real time, their data centre assets located in different buildings across the island or overseas. The solution will include intelligent alerts and sophisticated fault detection mechanisms that incorporate condition monitoring for advance warning of impending faults.

IDA Accreditation Status

On 1 June 2015, Green Koncepts’ Energetix and the KEM Platform received the Accreditation@IDA status. These systems are now available to public sector organizations who can procure them through streamlined Government procurement processes. Accreditation@IDA allows accredited companies to be considered first by Government agencies, helping companies like Green Koncepts be in a better position to win projects from government agencies and large enterprises.

“As we move towards our vision of a Smart Nation, energy sustainability will be one of the key challenges that all growing cities will face. Green Koncepts has an opportunity to play a significant role in helping to drive energy efficiency. Accreditation@IDA is set up to support Singapore-based innovations that tackle tomorrow’s big challenges today,” said Edwin Low, Director, Accreditation@IDA.


About Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is a Singapore-based technology company committed to making energy management simple. Our award-winning cloud energy management solution suite - Energetix™, provides industry-specific solutions to increase sustainability and reduce utility costs for cities, buildings, data centres, offices and homes. With affordable solutions developed on an open, scalable and interoperable platform, Green Koncepts helps our customers make data-driven decisions to proactively manage their energy consumption for cost-effective, efficient and streamlined operations. Our goal is to cultivate energy smart behaviour in the communities we work and live in — working together to build a sustainable and liveable future.

For more information, please visit:

Media contact:

Jocelyn Tan, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager (Green Koncepts)

T : +65 6245 9332 | M : +65 9180 3126 | E :

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