Green Initiatives adds two new partners to the fiber project

Two new partners have recently joined Green Initiatives’ Fiber Project: Haworth Asia Pacific, and Western International School of Shanghai.

Haworth, an innovative workspace and furniture company that also has sustainability as one of it’s core values, has been a Green Initiatives’ supporter for several years now. More recently they have collaborated with Green Initiatives by hosting monthly film screenings.

Haworth’s new partnership with Green Initiatives expands the opportunity for public participation in environmental protection beyond education and awareness, towards greater participative action. The implementation of the Fiber Project clothing-recycling bin at Haworth also provides the general public a convenient downtown location to drop-off their unwanted clothing in a sustainable manner.

WISS is among the first international schools to have committed to partnering with Green Initiatives for the Fiber Project. This opportunity gives staff, parents, and students a platform to learn more about environmental issues, specifically problems surrounding clothing waste, while also acting as an outlet for sustainable clothing disposal. The partnership also provides an opportunity to better recycle the large quantities of school uniforms that may be getting discarded each year.

As part of the partnership, Green Initiatives provides Haworth, WISS, and Concordia with branded clothing recycling bins, as well as the logistics for collection, storage and transportation of the clothing, through it’s sponsorship with UniGroup Relocation.

The Fiber Project was soft-launched in December 2014 and currently has 6 partners and 4 sponsors throughout Shanghai. As a community-focused and volunteer-run initiative, the goal of the Fiber Project is to reduce the environmental degradation caused by clothing and textile waste through mitigating the amount that ends up in landfills. It further promotes environmental protection by reducing the required resources for the production of new textiles such as land, water, energy, synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and toxic dyes.

To learn more about Green Initiatives or the Fiber Project, please visit or write to

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