Global research and training program on Jojoba slated for 25 & 26 May

CJP’s two-day Jojoba State of Art International Workshop “Global JOJOBAWORLD 2012” from May 25-26, 2012, Jaipur, India shall discuss the Genetics, Agronomics and Horticulture Advancement in Jojoba Farming

In the recent years Jojoba oil industry has caught the attention of the global market and, as a major Jojoba producer, India plays a very important role. Thus, it is very important for stakeholders of the Jojoba oil industry to stay up-to-date on the technology due to its potential in maximizing productivity and achieving further efficiency. CJP holds the Global JOJOBAWORLD 2012 as an important event for global Jojoba stakeholders. This event will provide reliable information on Jojoba, market dynamics, and also with the latest issues in the industry.

Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel, CJP’s Global Jojoba World 2012 focuses on the entire Jojoba production from ground zero to scale. Topics are carefully selected to cover the Agronomy, Horticulture, Biology, Engineering, Marketing and Financial aspects of Jojoba commercialization. CJP is recognized as an important platform for productive exchanges among the Academic, Commercial and Investment communities.  Join us at this unique knowledge platform to share the latest information.

Jojoba offers a green and renewable energy alternative, and holds a unique position as the only known botanical source of liquid wax esters. Furthermore, jojoba plants are presently cultivated in a few arid regions of the world and require little irrigation, are perennial, and maintain a long and fruitful life span.

Jojoba crop industries members can use the resources outlined in the meeting to collectively focus on their goals and pursue them in ways that improve their chances of making best bet decisions. This will involve identifying consumer needs, clearly defining the Jojoba crop product, establishing the human and technical components of the supply chain and entering a commercial market, once appropriate benchmarks for investment, growth and returns have been set. Applying such an approach to Jojoba crop industry, one can also provide a framework for the industry to determine its needs in terms of future growth, research and development An Update from the Jojoba Industry Advances in Jojoba Research & development Production Systems — Commercial track of Jojoba — Leading the Way to New heights Harvesting and Extraction Frontiers of Jojoba Biotechnology.

Jojoba has demonstrated a favorable response to many of the practices and techniques currently used in agriculture, but research is needed to understand the unique properties that can be manipulated to coax the crop to reach its fullest potential. Among agronomic questions addressed in the programme are: Biology, Biodiversity & Physiology-Gremplasm, Genomic, Genetic Improvement & Propagation, Horticulture-Farm Design & Management, Agronomics and sustainability- R&D status, available varieties, yield, and optimal conditions.

The Forming and Managing Supply Chains in Agribusiness learning package helps managers to learn what is required to “hand craft” their own supply chain as a way of improving their Jojoba crop enterprise’s chances of success. The package would be of interest to anyone in the Jojoba crop development process, but is specially targeted at those who are close to the full commercialization stage.

Jojoba World India 12 shall highlight updated research and technology. Experts will meet to reveal the latest developments in Jojoba research, the newest agricultural, horticultural, harvesting and modification techniques, and tell how the process can be scaled up. It will provide an excellent opportunity to the investors, entrepreneurs, renewable fuel experts, their associates and academia to share their experiences and knowledge on Jojoba. It will give them an excellent opportunity to know more about the latest research and developments in production. The Programme would cover all the topics related to Jojoba Industry with a plantation visit.

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Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel

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