Global Environmental Choice announces release of furniture standard

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Following the launch of Global Environmental Choice in Singapore, we are pleased to announce the release of our Interior Fittings Standard. Producers of office, entertainment and bedroom furniture, finishing materials, doors, window furniture, ceilings, and joinery now have the chance to obtain the Global Environmental Choice Mark.

A recognized international standard, Global Environmental Choice provides clarity and assurance in the market that your products are environmentally preferable.  You’ve done the hard work in lessening the environmental load of your products; we provide verification, giving consumers confidence in your environmental leadership.

Global Environmental Choice Standards are a comprehensive body of work developed through a thorough consultation process. The Interior Fittings Standard represents the culmination of years of experience in the commercial environmental industry, and a long association with furniture and fittings manufacturers.  The global standard is availablehere . Contact us by heading to our contact page,  or sending an email.  A global ecolabel allows companies to demonstrate their product is environmentally preferable to like products in the market. Stakeholders and clients are assured of a premium quality product designed with the environment in mind.

Markets are the most efficient and powerful force for social, institutional and market reform. In our widely implemented free market philosophy, the opportunity exists to mobilize the power of the market for efficient, direct and significant shifts in human and environmental interactions. Your initiative with your own products demonstrates your willingness to be a part of this change.

For more information, visit the Global Environmental Choice Website or email head office.

Petar Johnson


Global Environmental Choice

Managing Director

Global Environmental Assurance (certification body)

612 6281 5282

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