FuturArc Sep-Oct 2013 Issue + FuturArc 2014 Competitions

The Good Office | Beyond checklists and rating tools – FuturArc’s Sep-Oct 2013 issue is out now.

This issue, we explore the idea of what a bigger urban workforce and bigger buildings mean for the modern office worker, and what makes a good office space now. Our Main Feature writer Miriel Ko looks at a new era of the healthy and productive workplace: one that goes beyond satisfying rating tools and scoring high IEQ marks at the outset; one that emphasises bringing nature indoors, and allowing the worker direct adaptability and maintenance of his work area.

Not surprisingly, the United Nations has designed and built the good office building—we found two of theirs in Copenhagen and Nairobi. In A Tale of Two UN Offices we see how the UN is leading by example in promoting sustainable building—using both vernacular and high tech methods—and putting their finger on the pulse of the local climate and community while minimising negative impact on the environment, to create their own exemplary workplaces.

In Japan, they have found a way to fuse urban farming with an office building with delightful results. This initiative has brought to life the concept of zero food mileage—since the crops are harvested by the employees for the employees, as food served in the cafeterias—and also the concept of co-existing harmoniously with nature. Point 92 in Malaysia is a stunning piece of architecture that marries environmental sensibility and aesthetics. The generous green spaces, high ceilings that let in plenty of light and air, play of different raw materials, dramatic hooded windows bringing another layer of natural lighting into the interior—this office building, although compact in size, makes a huge statement design-wise.

Perhaps the key to a happy and productive workplace, in a Green-rated office building, ceteris paribus, is to allow employees the freedom beyond the boxed-in cubicle, enabling manipulation of their own space, while incorporating nature indoors.

For all these stories and more, visit www.futurarc.com.

FuturArc Prize and FuturArc Green Leadership Award

FuturArc Prize 2014 and FuturArc Green Leadership 2014 are starting again come mid September!

FuturArc Prize aims to generate forward-thinking, innovative Green building design ideas for Asia. The competition offers a platform to professionals and students who are passionate about the environment. Through the force of their imagination, it aspires to capture visions of a sustainable future. This is open to architects and architecture students in Asia and the world.

The FuturArc Green Leadership Award seeks out innovative and ecologically responsible buildings in Asia. The competition recognises the team behind a completed project: the developer, consultants and contractors, who have collectively pushed the limits and definition of what a Green building is in Asia.

Visit www.futurarc.com/prize2014 and www.futurarc.com/greenleadershipaward2014 for more details.

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