Fuji Xerox sustainability report receives Gold Award in 2012, sponsored by Toyo Keizai

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. announces that its Sustainability Report 2011, issued in August 2011, has received the Gold Award in the Sustainability Reporting Award of the Green Reporting Awards, Sustainability Reporting Awards in 2012, sponsored by Toyo Keizai, Inc., a publisher of a Japanese leading business magazine.

The report was recognized for its readability and high quality. Furthermore, it was praised that the Initiatives section clearly presented how Fuji Xerox manages CSR by each stakeholder, as well as that the company’s global supply chains and activities toward local communities are excellent. The award judges also evaluated that the company’s official website provides sufficient supplementary information . These factors have led Fuji Xerox to winning an award for three consecutive years, following the Special Award of last year and the Gold Award of the year before last.

Features of Sustainability Report 2011

  1. Created new section “Fuji Xerox CSR Activities Throughout the Value Chain” that describes its major CSR initiatives at all stages of business activities from materials procurement to manufacturing, marketing and disposal.
  2. Detailed the global CSR initiatives that Fuji Xerox has implemented with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region where the interest in CSR is growing.
  3. Introduced what Fuji Xerox learned from its responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake, and how it will leverage its experience for future CSR initiatives. Under the theme “Create, Connect, into the Future”, Sustainability Report 2011 aims to share Fuji Xerox’s challenges to realize a future that creates values with its stakeholders, as well as to enhance its activities by listening to readers’ opinions.

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