Fill it Forward partners with Wine To Water to support the world’s most vulnerable during pandemic

Fill it Forward partners with Wine To Water to support the world's most vulnerable during pandemic

Fill it Forward, formerly known as Cupanion, and Wine To Water are fusing innovative technology with on-the-ground efforts to address the global water crisis. In the midst of a pandemic, the implementation of sustainable and clean water initiatives for the world’s most vulnerable is more difficult than ever before.

Together they are partnering to fund a Wine To Water School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program in the Dominican Republic. The initiative helps to engage 100+ schools and more than 12,700 students and teachers in the Dominican Republic, with a focus on supporting local staff, equipment and training, as well as water technologies and education.

To announce the partnership and drive awareness, Fill it Forward hosted a Live Fundraiser. The virtual event, which took place on Friday, May 8th, brought attendees together across borders to learn about the power of reuse in creating lasting global change. Attendees were also inspired by Doc Hendley, Wine To Water Founder and President, 2009 CNN Hero and TEDx speaker.

“This partnership with Fill it Forward allows us to join forces in fighting for equality. Everyone has the right to clean water,” says Hendley. “But this water project will do more than just provide clean water, it’ll give us the tools we need to empower local citizens to implement and maintain clean water solutions in the future.”

The new Fill it Forward app allows users to track their environmental impact and give clean water to a community in need, simply by scanning a Fill it Forward virtual sticker. For the next 30 days this virtual programme will support a $5,000 investment in a school-based clean water project in the Dominican Republic. Beyond the virtual programme, Fill it Forward stickers can be purchased separately and are included with every Cupanion product, Fill it Forward’s reusable product line.

“While Fill it Forward encourages sustainable living through the sale of reusable water bottles, Wine To Water will be on the ground providing every glass of clean water filled to those in need,” says Matt Witteck, Founder and CEO of Fill it Forward. “But this isn’t just about water. This is about the accountability, agency and empowerment of each and every one of us. This is a team effort.”

About Fill it Forward 

The Fill it Forward Company is inspiring people to reuse. Through innovative products, technology and global giving initiatives, it educates and empowers people to make environmentally and socially responsible choices. With each reuse l, the Fill it Forward initiative gives clean water to a person in need.


Facebook: @fillitforward



About Wine To Water 

Wine To Water is committed to supporting life and dignity of all through the power of clean water executing programs in the field. Currently, Wine To Water has four international offices in: Nepal, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Tanzania. In each of these three countries, Wine To Water employs a collaboration of qualified nationals who work full time toward sustainable clean water solutions catered to local needs.


Facebook: @winetowater



LinkedIn:Wine to Water

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