Empower the operator: A new global pathway for wind O&M

Wind Energy Update has announced that the International Onshore and Offshore Wind Industry are set to see a significant surge in the number of organisations who wish to explore ways to empower the Operator.

This will be with a focus on how to pinpoint effective O&M approaches to maximise performance, increase efficiency & reduce OPEX.

Over the past five years, the Wind O&M sector has evolved in sync with the change in business demands of the wind owner and operator. Operational performance and efficiency of wind assets has increased in importance for owners and investors, and now they want to take a further step in the path towards cost reduction by taking more control of their own assets.

To manage their operational expenditure OPEX spend more effectively, owners need to know how their assets operate, what steps they must take for constant optimised performance and how to prevent unplanned downtime. This means strategies for on-going O&M are being heavily scrutinised.

Wind Energy Update’s Managing Director, Jon Harman stated, “There is a real sense of buoyancy and buzz around the wind industry right now. Without doubt O&M has become the focus of the wind sector.” He added, “Farm operators are placing yield extraction at the forefront of their strategy and with high-profile solution launches from various SMEs, the O&M side of the wind industry is at the very cutting edge of innovation.”

In response to this industry position, Wind Energy Update launched its latest project, the 6th International Onshore and Offshore Wind O&M Forum which will take place in Hamburg on 27-28 January 2014. Over 30 Industry pioneer speakers will participate, which includes the below operators:

  • Klaus Krüder, Chief Executive Officer, JUWI (Germany)
  • Massimo Derchi, Managing Director, ERG Renew (Italy)
  • Eduardo García Pérez, Head of Central Maintenance, EDPR (Spain)
  • Stephan Schnitger, Head of Innovation & Optimization, ENERGIEKONTOR AG (Germany)
  • Jean Lemaire, Director Asset Management, AKUO Energy (France)
  • Katja Bartsch-Wuenschel, Director Asset Management, E.ON Climate & Renewables (Germany)
  • Rudolf Neuwirth, Head of Operations - Offshore, E.ON Climate & Renewables (Germany)
  • Ralf Neulinger, Director Operations & Asset Management, EnBW Erneuerbare und Konventionelle Erzeugung AG (Germany)
  • Michael Boll, Head of Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance, EnBW Erneuerbare und Konventionelle Erzeugung AG (Germany)
  • Giuseppe Madia, Head of Asset Management & Optimisation, Axpo Power (Switzerland)
  • Martin Reinholdsson, Head of Generation, Vattenfall (Sweden)
  • Steen Bode, Site Manager, Horns Rev1 Site Manager, Vattenfall (Denmark)
  • Kristof Verlinden, O&M Asset & Production Manager, Parkwind NV (Belgium)

6 of the most critical issues addressed:

Overall O&M focus

  • Rotor blade maintenance & optimisation: Explore new strategies to achieve optimum performance of blades with minimum expenditure
  • Design a perfect contract: Understand how to design your O&M contracts to ensure maximised yields and higher availability
  • Advance monitoring techniques: Explore innovative technologies to improve turbine availability and reduce expensive reactive maintenance

Onshore focus

  • O&M strategy: Identify the key elements of a successful O&M strategy to fit any business model and risk appetite
  • Spare part strategy: Explore the latest methods to ensure 24 / 7 availability of spare parts to prevent prolonged downtime
  • Data analysis and implementation: See how to collect, organise and access turbine data to predict turbine failures, forecast costs and reduce downtime
  • Retrofitting and life extension: Explore case studies on the cost effectiveness of retrofit and life extension technologies

Offshore focus

  • Offshore logistical solutions: Find out the most suitable means for safe, fast and cost effective maintenance in far shore locations
  • Optimise management and strategy: Hear the pros and cons of various operational structures for pre and post warranty offshore O&M
  • Substructure protection and maintenance: Look at foundation monitoring systems for optimised O&M and life-time assessment

About Wind Energy Update

Wind Energy Update is the reference point for over 40,000 senior executives working in wind power generation. We’re the worldwide leaders in O&M knowledge, connections and B2B conference delivery. Our impartial perspective allows us to comment freely and express views on what’s happening and why. International events explore industry opportunities, challenges and emerging best practices tailored for executives working in wind energy


Jon Harman
Managing Director
Wind Energy Update
E: jon@windenergyupdate.com
T: (USA) 1 800 814 3459 ext 7577
    (Global) +44 (0)20 7375 7577

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