EcoForests asset management plantations in Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica at minimal risk of climate change effects

EcoForests asset management plantations in Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica at minimal risk of climate change effects

Toronto, ON – October 16, 2018—With increasing adverse impacts of climate change, the number of hurricanes hitting the Latin American region has risen considerably during last 24 months. Understandably, the recent upswing in the number of catastrophes has made investors and people with vested interest wary of participation as natural disasters pose a great risk to financial investments.

At EcoForests, we ensure that our plantations are sustainable and our invested monetary, time and human resources do not go to a waste. EcoForests would like its investors, vested interest partners and potential investors to know that the company’s plantations are strategically located in regions that are below the hurricane activity line. Our forestry endeavors in Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama are safe from natural disasters and climate change effects in addition, all our projects carry a natural disaster insurance policy.

According to a report released by Forisk, a US forestry company, unlike most of the Latin American region; Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama are relatively much less affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters as they tend to make landfall further north in Belize, Mexico or the United States. In fact, the Honduran cordillera acts as a stubborn wall against hurricane winds and does not let strong gusts to make their way into inlands.

Hurricane modelling on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website demonstrates that hurricanes rarely affect Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica. Reuters also reported that during hurricane Irma, at least 3 fuel cargoes were diverted from Venezuela to Panama as the country made for the nearest safest destination.

Mapping of historical hurricanes from NASA also exhibits that, since the recordkeeping of hurricanes began, Panama and Costa Rica have been the safest countries of the region almost always dodging the disastrous hurricanes. Honduras has been on the receiving end a few times but the hurricane activity has been quite conservative when compared to Caribbean and US regions.

EcoForests’ predominant plantation presence is in Costa Rica, followed by Honduras and Panama. These are the countries where the company manages a majority of its projects and all of them are on a belt that’s historically been the least affected from the hurricanes and other catastrophes. Incessant rainy seasons may cause temporary damage to the access paths but the projects themselves have not sustained any damages throughout last year. EcoForests does not believe this year would be any different. Nonetheless increased rain sometimes affects our infrastructure, roads and bridges which sometimes puts a delay in harvesting periods, something that can be naturally expected when investing in forestry assets.

Your investments are not only safe with EcoForests but they will help us making the region even safer as increased forestry can contain the negative impacts of climate change.

About EcoForests

EcoForests is a Toronto based Canadian forestry investment management company with regional offices in USA, Hong Kong, Israel, Northern Ireland and England. Fostering and managing forestry projects throughout the Central and South American regions, EcoForests specialises in producing and maintaining tropical timber including hardwood as well as softwood. The tropical timber produced by the company features rapid growth and high economic value giving individuals and companies alike an opportunity of middle to long-term investment where monetary funds are invested in timberlands and forestry with a complete and reliable management system in place. EcoForests is known for establishing sustainable forestry globally and the company strongly believes in the principles of social responsibility, environmental commitment and financial accountability.

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