EcoCars4Sale appoints new editor-in-chief and, two of the finest specialist motoring websites, have appointed Andrew Merritt-Morling as Editor-in-Chief from 1 January 2015. Andrew is best known as the founder and managing editor of, the independent car and van portal.

Andrew’s role is multi-faceted across both websites. Not only will he be the chief road test editor for both websites, but he will also be responsible for writing news stories and will represent them at launch events, effectively becoming a “brand ambassador” for both outlets. Specifically for EcoCars4Sale, he will also be the motorsport editor for the inaugural Formula E season. In this regard, he has already started to form strong relationships with the participating teams and drivers.

Ray Saunders, co-founder of ElectricCar2Buy and EcoCars4Sale said: “Andrew joins us at an exciting time in the development of both websites. ElectricCar2Buy is about to embark on a fundamental overhaul whilst EcoCars4Sale has just recently been launched to the public. Andrew will be at the forefront of helping us develop and grow both websites by providing news and feature content. In his role as Editor-in-Chief for both sites, Andrew will also be our Chief Road Test driver, bringing his informative and business-like style to our audience.”

Matthew Forkes, co-founder of ElectricCar2Buy and EcoCars4Sale added: “Andrew has a demonstrable track-record of automotive journalism that we want to tap into. He has a very good relationship with the majority of car and van manufacturers and importers in the UK and this will be valuable as we look to develop and grow both websites. With his proven record in developing businesses, Andrew will also be able to help us strategically position the sites so that each website becomes one of the most informative and independent sources of high-quality, reliable information that existing and future readers will turn to again and again.”

Commenting on his appointment, Andrew Merritt-Morling said: “I am delighted to be joining the team that has brought us ElectricCar2Buy and EcoCars4Sale. ElectricCar2Buy has already attracted a loyal following and my job is to help nurture and build on this early success. Pure electric and hybrid car sales may only account for a tiny proportion of all new car sales at the moment, but with the likes of companies such as BMW joining the fray and relatively new entrants such as Tesla forging ahead with their much publicised plans, we are certain that this area will grow.

With EcoCars4Sale, we have a wider platform from which to operate and the trend for downsizing, whether consumer led, manufacturer driven or a combination of both, is already growing year-on-year. There is an increasing emphasis on cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles, and EcoCars4Sale want to be at the forefront of reporting on these developments. I am so excited about the opportunities for both websites and to working with the teams behind ElectricCar2Buy and EcoCars4Sale.”, as its name suggests, focuses exclusively on pure electric or hybrid cars. Its primary aim is to provide a platform for people wishing to buy and sell electric and hybrid vehicles. It also carries relevant news and features about the embryonic electric and hybrid car and van market. The website was established in 2008 and since then has attracted a loyal following of 300 unique followers per day. In addition it has 2,014 followers on Facebook and 2,215 on Twitter. In the past three months, Facebook has generated 101 ‘likes’ and have had articles shared with 2,487 other readers. Meanwhile, Twitter has seen a growth in its traffic equating to 10.54% over the same period and has had its articles shared with 5,184 new readers. focuses on any vehicle currently falling within VED tax bands A-D. This is equivalent to 1,320 cars currently available in the UK. Like ElectricCar2Buy, its primary focus is to provide a platform for people wishing to buy and sell a fuel efficient and eco-friendly car. In addition, it provides news and features about related products. The website is also following the Formula E championship via its motorsport pages. In due course it will also be providing unique road test reports. will receive its formal launch in October 2014.

Andrew Merritt-Morling is an Associate Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, the pre-eminent group of motoring journalists in the UK. In addition to being the founder and managing editor of, he is also the motoring editor of Luxuria Lifestyle (the digital magazine of The Luxury Network International which, in the past 12 months, has had an average monthly readership of 433,482 throughout 2014). He is also the motoring editor for The Hertfordshire Business Independent (which boasts more than 55,000 regular readers per month across both its printed and digital formats). He is also a regular contributor to The Sticks, Anglia Farmers and has written a number of articles for other publications and websites, including TheVanWebsite and Contract Hire & Leasing.

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