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Eco-fintech startup Zelf launches an initiative helping WWF to save endangered species

US-based fintech startup Zelf has launched an initiative to honour international days of orangutan and whale shark (August 19 and 30 respectively). Both species are critically endangered: there are only 14913 orangutans and 11000 whale sharks left.

All the Zelfers will have an option to choose whom to support and vote either for orangutans or for whale sharks. The voting will last till the middle of September. After summarising the results Zelf will donate EUR3000 to WWF programme for the rescue of the species that win the vote.

Further details for any person wishing to join the initiative could be found on the website

About Zelf

Zelf is an American startup operating in the EU aimed at providing financial services in a fast and sustainable way. Zelf does not print and ship plastic cards, instead it offers virtual cards issued via instant messengers. One does not need to download app or scan an ID to start using Zelf, it works within Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, LINE, and WeChat. As of September 2021, Zelf has more than 250,000 cardholders in France and Spain.

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