E++ and ILA Studio utilized IES software to improve energy efficiency at national park

Early stage analysis reduces energy use of proposed building by 60 percent

Integrated Environmental Solutions’ (IES) award winning performance analysis software suite, the Virtual Environment, played an important role in the sustainable development of Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP) in Pakistan. Energy technology firm E++ and ILA Studio architects used IES’ VE-Pro software to determine the climactic and environmental impacts on the proposed design of a 5,000 sq. ft. park headquarters.

Using VE-Pro modules MacroFlo, ApacheSim, ApacheHVAC and ApacheCalc, E++ and ILA Studio performed early stage analysis to determine the building’s energy consumption, performance and occupant comfort. The initial simulation showed the building to be of poor performance with regards to heating, primary energy consumption and summer comfort. Analyzing the design early on, the team was able to evaluate a series of improvements that ultimately resulted in a 60 percent decrease in primary energy heating consumption.

“This project highlights the advantages of integrating IES VE with design at the earliest stage possible,” said Alberto Altavilla, Head of Building at E++. “Performance analysis throughout the design process allowed us to evaluate and make appropriate design choices to ensure that this building is as energy efficient as possible.”

The advantages of design simulations are key to sustainable design. E++ and ILA Studio expected the opposite in terms of orientation when the team ran a summer simulation. As it turned out, the optimum orientation of the building was contrary to the main wind direction. The design proposal also incorporated several energy improvements to the building, including a Passive Double Skin Facade that would preheat air in the heating mode and remove unwanted heat gain during the summer, increasing cross ventilation capacity.

“We are excited to be a part of the sustainable development of Central Karakorum National Park in Pakistan,” said Dr. Don McLean, founder and CEO of IES. “Our early stage analysis tools have helped E++ and ILA Studio make critical improvements that will significantly reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.”

About IES

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) is an innovative company at the forefront of the use and development of powerful software simulation tools which help architects, engineers, facilities managers, and all those involved in the development and management of buildings design and maintain truly sustainable properties. IES’ mission is to advance the sustainability of the world’s buildings through the use of integrated performance modelling technology and conserve natural resources for future generations.

IES was established in June 1994 and is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, with offices in Dublin, Republic of Ireland; Boston and San Francisco, USA; Vancouver, Canada; Pune, India; and Melbourne, Australia. IES Consulting is the specialist international environmental performance consultancy division of IES, its expert team of consultants include some of the most experienced LEED, BREEAM, Green Star Accredited Professionals and UK Accredited Energy Assessors. IES’ services and products aid significantly in the provision of healthier and more energy efficient built environments.

For additional information, please visit www.iesve.com. Don’t forget you can also follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest IES news, or read our blog.

Press Contacts:

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Communications Manager for IES
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Suzanne Livingstone
Marketing Coordinator for IES
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