DNV expanding hydrogen expertise in Asia Pacific

DNV expanding hydrogen expertise in Asia Pacific

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, recently announced the appointment of four experienced hydrogen experts to support the rapid growth in the company’s Asia Pacific hydrogen business.

The new appointments joining the existing hydrogen team in Asia Pacific includes: Dr. Robert Judd, technical director hydrogen and gas, APAC; Dr. Thomas Koller, senior hydrogen consultant; Dr. Peerapat Vithayarichareon, principal consultant; and Scott Trevean, senior hydrogen engineer.

As governments and corporations alike address the challenges of climate change, low-carbon hydrogen has increasingly been included in the national agenda of many Asia Pacific markets to meet their commitments on climate goals, whilst still supporting their growing energy needs. In its 2022 Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) DNV forecasts that APAC hydrogen production for energy purposes will meet 9 per cent of APAC energy demand by 2050.

“I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Judd, Dr. Koller, Dr. Vithayarichareon and Mr.Trevean to DNV. They are exceptionally talented individuals who bring with them a deep understanding of our industry and customers, and extensive international project experience,” said Brice Le Gallo, Vice President and Regional Director APAC, Energy Systems at DNV.

“In addition, they have the right blend of skills and experience to drive our innovation agenda and manage the changes that come with today’s energy transition. These new colleagues will be joining DNV’s extensive global hydrogen network which has delivered over 120 projects in the past 12 months, combining the best of our global experience with local knowledge and perspective,” he continued

Dr. Robert Judd, technical director hydrogen & gas, APAC

Dr. Judd worked for over 20 years in the technology arm of the UK gas industry and has managed technical teams and projects in the UK and internationally including assignments in Asia. Leading the European Gas Research Group since 2012, he has managed an Association of 30 major European companies and research organisations, realigning strategic innovation priorities with Europe’s clean energy agenda while building relationships at all levels. This has led to the successful development of major European and industry-funded collaborative projects in biomethane, hydrogen and carbon management. He has also led or contributed to the production of research roadmaps for Hydrogen Europe, CEN and GERG. Dr. Judd is a member of Singapore’s International Advisory Panel on Energy (MTI) and has chaired the Gas Markets Advisory Panel for Singapore’s regulator.

Dr. Thomas Koller, senior hydrogen consultant, APAC

Dr. Koller works on energy markets and strategy, advising on the energy transition and the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen. He has expertise in policy development, regulation, stakeholder engagement and programme management. Prior to joining DNV, at Energy Networks Association Dr. Koller directed the UK gas networks’ strategic decarbonization project, building support for the role of hydrogen in a net-zero energy system. He previously worked in the biomethane sector advising on energy policy and related sectors.

Dr. Peerapat Vithayarichareon, principal consultant, APAC

Dr. Vithayasrichareon has 20 years of experience in the energy sector, including work with electric utilities, research institutes, consulting firms and intergovernmental organisations. His expertise covers technical, economic and policy disciplines. Before joining DNV, he worked at the IEA as a Lead Energy Analyst where he led renewable integration and electricity security projects in many regions including Australia, China, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia. He has actively engaged with policymakers and key stakeholders which had direct relevance for formulating policy, market and regulatory frameworks to support the uptake of renewables.

Scott Trevean, senior hydrogen engineer, APAC

Trevean is focused on driving the energy transition through the technical development and scaling-up of the nascent hydrogen industry to enable rapid decarbonisation. He has 12 years of experience working as a chemical engineer across the fertilisers, explosives, refining, petrochemicals and gas processing industries in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to joining DNV, Trevean was the Technical Manager for Catalysts and Mass Transfer at GLP Group and agent for Clariant Catalysts. He has domain expertise in industrial catalysts and the design of new process plants for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and liquid fuels. He previously worked as an engineer in copper and gold extraction with Fluor Australia and in ceramics manufacturing with Brickworks Limited.

In relation to this expansion, DNV will be issuing a deep-dive report on hydrogen in June which will investigate the competitiveness and development of hydrogen across different industries, including specific hydrogen case studies and will be based on an updated forecast from the DNV Energy Transition Outlook.

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