Discover the Green Advantages of Fabric Air Dispersion

The fabric air dispersion system by DuctSox is an efficient and green solution to complement your HVAC system. DuxtSox systems are used to distribute and disperse air in open and finished ceiling architecture, cost-effective, and are an aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork. DuctSox are used to distribute and diffuse heated, cooled, refrigerated, and make-up air to meet a large range of HVAC and refrigeration requirements in virtually any market segment.

Its efficiency is proven in a case study at the McKinney, Texas Walmart store. Typical Wal-Mart Supercenter HVAC systems in southern states require approximately 450 tons of cooling and the air is distributed through metal duct/register systems mounted near the ceiling. The McKinney store’s cooling is 380 tons. Much of the 70 tons of reduced cooling tonnage is a result of displacement ventilation on the sales floor made possible by fabric duct, according to Sean Timmons, P.E., principal at Timmons Design Engineers, because mounting the one linear mile of DuctSox fabric duct only 11 feet above the sales floor cools the bottom half of the store where it’s needed most.

The fabric duct also makes an environmental impact because it uses much less metal than conventional duct systems. Additionally, energy usage and labour during construction requires only half of that used for metal duct installation, according to Michael Schloeman, vice president of CBS Mechanical Inc.

The energy-saving innovations go well beyond HVAC. The McKinney store is projected to save up to 300,000 kWh of energy per year. This store will have immediate impact on the industry as rival stores will need to keep pace with Wal-Mart’s innovativeness in reducing the impact of super centres on the local environment and reducing operating costs over the long term.

Other than those green advantages mentioned above, DuctSox now has fabrics with more than 50% recycled content. This improvement and new technology in the fabrics are great options to have in today’s environmentally-conscious society. Furthermore, all fabric ducts are 100% custom made to fit each project, meaning no excess fabric and minimal waste. This may help companies to achieve LEED credits from Materials and Resources credit 2, Construction Waste Management along with Material and Resources credit 4, Recycled Content.

Being sustainable doesn’t only mean producing enough to consume for itself, but consuming less to decrease the impact on the environment, health and community. Contact Tawada CleanTech for more information on DuctSox system in Indonesia.

About us

Tawada CleanTech is dedicated and committed to providing clean and green technology solutions for everyone. Our main customers are diverse, including but not limited to private and multinational companies and organizations, educational and research organizations, government, traders, manufacturers and factories. Tawada CleanTech gives green a whole new meaning and depth. Tawada CleanTech wants to create not just sustainable buildings and environments, but we strive to provide and educate people to start creating healthy and financially sustainable buildings and environments.

We offer a range of green products in Energy Recovery Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Reftrofit such as UltimateAir® Energy Recovery Ventilator products, DuctSox fabric air dispersion (fabric duct), BladeTec High Volume Low Speed Fans (HVLS) and Cypress Envirosystems products.

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