CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai talks corporate-NGO partnerships

The topic of the 5th CSR & Sustainability Meetup on January 15 was corporate-NGO partnerships, bringing together professionals to discuss the possibilities and challenges of how to best achieve common goals by the collaboration of NGOs and companies.

One of the guest speakers Pete Milne, Freelance Environmental Education Consultant and Trainer, highlighted how companies can link not only their sustainability programs but also their core business areas with different partnership initiatives, including school programs. He also emphasized in his presentation how the partnerships between the two sectors will become more important over the next three years.

The second guest speaker, Aishwarya Joshi from The Lighthouse Cohort, underlined how the goals and means of the two sectors have to be aligned before any true collaboration is possible.

Couldn’t make it to the 5th Meetup? Join on the next! On Tuesday 24 February Aglaia Ntili, Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, will share the latest do’s and dont’s in Sustainability Reporting.

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