Conference promises smarter insights focused on Asia’s smart grids

Thoughtful discussions on how to achieve growth opportunities will be shared and discussed in detail in the upcoming conference organised by Fleming Gulf entitled APAC Smart Grid Conference that will be held at The Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 11th and 12th of March 2014.

Delegates will gain insights from the best in the industry, while engaging in thought provoking sessions on the overall perspective towards building a leading and profitable Smart Grid.

The inaugural APAC Smart Grid Conference is the first event that aims to activate the thought processes freed from the commercial thrust of regular Smart Grid events. This event will bring together utility and technology experts from across the globe looking forward to sharing their best practices, exchange ideas, network and establish business synergies for greater Smart Grid implementation and integration.

With the emergence of smart grids, utilities starts exploring new data sources such as grid sensors, smart meters and electric vehicles to optimize performance and provide better customer service,” said Frost & Sullivan Information and Communication Technologies Research Analyst.

Frost & Sullivan Energy Analyst, explains: “The EU Energy Efficiency Directive mandates for 80 per cent of households in Europe to have smart metering by 2020. The exception to this directive is only possible if a country proves that smart metering would not pass a cost benefit analysis. To ensure the delivery of safe, reliable and affordable energy to consumers in Asia Pacific region, utilities will need to make serious investments in grid infrastructure and technology in order to accommodate new sources of supply and demand.

Besides that, more than two-third of utilities executives believe that the benefits of smart grids and smart meter deployments, which improve customer service, reliability and outage response will exceed original industry forecasts, according to a new global survey by Accenture. A large majority (85 per cent) of executives surveyed also expect the industry’s competitive landscape to change in the next five years, with more new entrants in the areas of energy efficiency and demand response, data services and distributed power generation.

Other than that, the Digitally Enabled Grid utilities executives in 13 countries found that for 98 per cent of the utilities represented, the smart grid is a natural extension of the ongoing upgrades to the electricity network, confirming that smart grid technology has become a core part of their investment strategy.

With the development of new technology, policy directions and incentives for renewable energy continue to strengthen across the region and there are increasingly positive indications from government and private developers.

With the rise of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the creation of smart cities is obtaining strong velocity. This is highlighted by the countless projects running at regional and country level. ICTs have a major role to play in increasing efficiency, as well as managing and controlling the power grid. While ICT contributes to global environmental challenges, it can also be part of the solution. What are forward-thinking organizations and governments doing to harness ICT’s potential? This conference aims to give an overview of key areas of smart grid developments in many different aspects.

The focus of the event will be on the evolution of smart grids in Asia, developing advocacy strategies for greater implementation of smart grids projects, evaluating financing mechanisms, transforming the energy mix, analysing strategies for managing demand response protocols, developing talent for managing smart grids to achieve more efficient and effective utility grids and many more.

Join the leaders from The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Celcom Axiata, Energy Commision Malaysia, Tokyo Electricity Power Company, Northpower, Vietnam Power Resources, Prime Energy Partners, Newcastle Institute of Energy and Resources and many more to harness this opportunity to meet other delegates and to understand how they are adopting progressive, indigenous strategies to boost the growth and profitability in the international Smart Grid market.

Attendees will benefit from unparalleled interactive sessions and an informative experience at this event that also serves as a platform to share and network with industry peers. Fleming Gulf delivers this comprehensive business events by leveraging a network of industry influencers with specialist knowledge to provide organizations the winning edge that makes a difference in their decision making in today’s competitive business landscape.

Yazrul Basir | FlemingGulf Marketing

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