Catch the CNA Green Plan Challenge to find out more about sustainable practices!

Catch the CNA Green Plan Challenge to find out more about sustainable practices!

Catch Mediacorp’s brand new infotainment series: the CNA Green Plan Challenge, and learn how we can all play a part in securing a sustainable future for Singapore! Premiering 4 April on CNA and the CNA Insider YouTube Channel, this new and engaging five-part series follows residents from 15 Singapore towns as they navigate green challenges designed to debunk common misconceptions about sustainable living and encourage collective climate action.

Hosted by Mediacorp DJs including YES 933’s Chen Ning and Ria 897’s Fadli Kamsani, the CNA Green Plan Challenge will follow residents as they participate in onground and online challenges centred around the five pillars of the Singapore Green Plan 2030: (1) City in Nature, (2) Resilient Future, (3) Energy Reset, (4) Green Economy, and (5) Sustainable Living.

These wide-ranging activities, which took place from December 2021 to April 2022, included tracking down specific species of flora and fauna along nature trails, and a half-day farming bootcamp. Each episode of the series will explore a separate pillar of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, and will feature eco-friendly tips from “green coaches”, such as how to cook with local produce and reduce energy consumption.

For episodic synopses and list of hosts, please refer to Annex A. 

The CNA Green Plan Challenge series is part of Mediacorp’s CNA Green Plan, a nationwide campaign launched in December 2021 to shine a spotlight on sustainability issues through various public engagement activities. The ongoing campaign is aligned with Mediacorp’s continued commitment as the national media network to inform and positively influence consumer action, in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Beyond the current series, audiences can also look forward to more engagement activities, such as an upcoming nationwide pledge to go green. More details on the next citizen challenge will be announced shortly.

CNA Green Plan Challenge will be available on CNA and the CNA Insider YouTube Channel every Monday at 9pm from 4 April. The series will also be made available on meWATCH from 5 April, and on Channel 5 every Wednesday at 11pm from 18 May.

For more information on the CNA Green Plan, please visit 

Annex A – Episodic synopses 

Episode 1 – City in Nature: Learning to Live in Harmony with Nature


Chen Ning

Amid Singapore’s concrete jungle, nature thrives. Pervasive greenery extends beyond the city- state’s parks and nature reserves, into the hearts of housing estates, supporting life of every kind. But there’s more to go on Singapore’s greening journey.

With challenges like urbanisation and extreme weather patterns, there is a need to build a greener, sustainable and climate resilient home, both for the community, and the country’s rich biodiversity.

To achieve this, Singapore will transform into a City in Nature. With plans to intensify nature across the island, and have parks within walking distance from all households, soon residents will not be able to tell where the green ends and the urban begins. But this proximity to nature also comes with great responsibility.

Do residents know how to live in harmony with nature? In the debut episode of the CNA Green Plan challenge, we send residents of Thomson, Bukit Panjang and Punggol on a wild joyride around their towns. Along the way, they will discover the dos and don’ts of wildlife encounters and learn to appreciate the country’s natural treasures.

Episode 2 – Resilient Future: How to Shop, Cook and Eat Green


Ravi G

When it comes to climate change, Singapore’s approach is to always plan ahead. And she envisions a future that is green and resilient.

From beefing up food production and designing solutions to tide over rising sea levels, to cooling down the island - Singapore is developing long-term strategies that will last well into the next century.

But how can the community contribute towards a resilient future?

One way is through food. This episode shows how chefs, companies, and consumers can work together to help beef up Singapore’s food security.

We serve up challenges that help residents make more informed meal choices. From learning to be urban farmers, to unearthing the wonders of local produce and having variety in our shopping baskets - our participants get equipped with tools and recipes to modify their diets in the face of climate change.

Episode 3 – Energy Reset: Powering Down for a Brighter Future


Fadli Kamsani, Germaine Tan


Singapore is charged up and ready to be more energy efficient. By 2030, eight in 10 buildings will undergo a green transformation. And the number of solar panels deployed across the island will increase four-fold.

All this, to meet an electrifying target of cutting the country’s greenhouse gas missions by 3 million tonnes.

How can Singaporeans be part of the Great Singapore Energy Reset?

Through a series of challenges, we help residents from Pasir Ris, Ang Mo Kio and Jurong West plug into this national movement. From powering down their homes to adopting electric vehicles and car-lite lifestyles, they energise their communities to do their part towards reducing carbon emissions.

Episode 4 – Sustainable Living: Grooming Green Stewards for Tomorrow


Azura Goh

Developing a green citizenry that consumes and wastes less. That’s one of the key objectives of the

Singapore Green Plan 2030. And schools play an important role in realising this vision.

Tasked with nurturing talent and grooming the leaders and workers of tomorrow, schools are ideal places to inculcate sustainable living practices. In the spirit of leading by example, Singapore’s education sector will cut down two-thirds of its carbon emissions.

But how can students get in on the act? In this “back to school” edition of the CNA Green Plan Challenge, young residents in three towns discover that living sustainably is certainly no child’s play. It requires discipline, commitment and accepting their role as stewards of the environment.

Through challenges such as upcycling trash into art, turning food waste into compost, and designing solutions to reduce their school’s carbon footprint - our young participants embark on a path that will see them graduate into a sustainable future.

Episode 5 – Green Economy: Creating Jobs and Growth Through Sustainability


Ann Nicole Ng

A Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway, with the aim of decarbonising industries and creating greener and more resilient supply chains. As part of this movement, Singapore is nurturing a Green Economy, to create and pivot businesses that advance sustainability.

With plans to transform Singapore into a hub for carbon services and green finance, the coverage will leverage on Sustainability as a new engine for jobs and growth.

But what can Singaporeans do to help fuel the green economy?

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About Mediacorp

Mediacorp is Singapore’s national media network and largest content creator. Its purpose is to create engaging and trusted content, as well as to connect communities and inspire people. Mediacorp engages over three million people in Singapore daily across four languages on its digital platforms including meWATCH, meLISTEN and, six TV channels and 11 radio stations. Beyond Singapore, Mediacorp also has a growing international audience through CNA and content distributed across markets. 

With a focus on nurturing talent and growing the sector, the company is committed to investing in nation-wide initiatives like Star Search, Anugerah, Yaar Antha Star and SPOP, commissioning a wide variety of work from local content creators, and collaborating with institutes of higher learning. As Singapore’s first local Multi-Channel Network in partnership with YouTube, Mediacorp is also committed to developing a network of digital content creators. 

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