Carbon offsetting unravelled

In the wake of Thai Airways’ newly launched carbon offset scheme, leading travel essentials provider, is demystifying the subject for its customers.

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) became the latest airline to launch a carbon offset programme when it joined the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) scheme recently as its first Asia-Pacific partner.

Essential Travel, prompted by confusion among its customers about carbon offsetting, has created an online Q&A to help them understand how the offset levy is calculated and where the money goes.

“Most of the big airlines now offer their passengers the chance to pay extra to reduce their carbon footprint but the information available when you come to book your flight is often limited or confusing,” says Stuart Bensusan,

“The message we are getting from our own customers is that they are happy to offset their carbon footprint when they fly but are unsure about how it all works and, in some cases, are sceptical about where the money raised is being invested. Our Q&A aims to give travellers a better understanding of the schemes, which we hope will help increase the uptake of carbon offsetting programmes in general.”

The comprehensive Q&A covers the basics, such as the principles behind carbon offsetting and how it is calculated, through to the various environmental programmes that the payments fund. It also addresses the pros and cons of the different projects, why airport taxes don’t count towards the offset, why the prices vary and the wider issue of how carbon levels are impacting global warming.

Click here to view’s carbon offsetting Q&A in full.

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