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Biodegradable Plastic? The Time is Now.

BioSphere Plastic recently unveiled their liquid biodegradable plastic additive which enhances the biodegradability of normal plastic products. The additive which interacts with the enzymes produced by microorganisms that are active allows for the plastic product to transform into “fast-food”. BioSphere which manufactures their lines of biodegradable additives recently tested through SGS testing facility for FDA compliance and passed all 21 CFR 177.1630 and 177.1520 testing protocols for food safety in accordance with the FDA Generally Regarded as Safe practices. BioSphere also underwent third party verification of no heavy metals present in their additive package. 

The company which has been dedicated to providing cost affordable solutions to the plastic waste epidemic is currently testing biodegradable products made with their additive in both real world and laboratory environments. Test results of the additive have shown incredible results proving that adding in 1% by load weight of the additive in plastic production allows plastic products to be consumed by microorganisms in anaerobic and aerobic environments. These environments are found within landfills and compost facilities. The technology which is patent pending and filed in 2012 is being used in products ranging from textiles to bottles. 

About BioSphere Plastic 

BioSphere Plastic was formed in 2012 to market and manufacture their line of biodegradable plastic additives. The company which released their flagship masterbatch product provides a cost affordable solution that is right in line with consumer demand for environmental products. 

The company now provides their product in different forms including powder, low-viscosity and high viscosity liquid and pellets. This allows all manufacturers to utilize the ground breaking environmental technology in different plastic applications.

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