Best Geothermal Energy Presentations of 2016 Announced

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has announced the outstanding technical presentations from the global geothermal energy community for 2016.

The selections were made in each of the GRC Technical Sessions held in late September at the 40th GRC Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California, USA, the world’s largest annual geothermal energy event. The judging criteria included the technical content, the quality of the visual aids and the presenter’s ability to communicate the subject matter. Over 115 presentations were made totaling over 40 hours over three days. More than 1,250 attendees came to the GRC Annual Meeting and GEA GeoExpo+ from around the world.

The winning presentations in each session are:

Business Country Updates - Business Finance and Development in the Future Markets for Geothermal Energy, Shnell, Jim.

Case Studies 1 - Early-Phase Evaluation of CO2 Recovery at Geothermal Facilities, McIntush, Kenneth and Fisher, Kevin and Mamrosh, Darryl and McKaskle, Ray and Beitler, Carrie and Fridriksson, Thrainn and Audinet, Pierre and Merino, Almudena Mateos.

Case Studies 2 - Geothermal Production From Oil/Gas Wells and Transportation With Two-Step Absorption System, Wang, Honggang and Liu, Xiaobing.

Desalination - Desalination Using Geothermal Energy, Avina-Jimenez, Hector and De La Rosa-Urbalejo, Daniel and Garcia-Gutierrez, Alfonso.

Direct Use - Geothermal Energy in Munich (and beyond) A Geothermal City Case Study, Farquharson, Neil and Schubert, Achim and Steiner, Ulrich.

Drilling 1 - Self-repairing Geothermal Well Cement Composites, Pyatina, Tatiana and Sugama, Toshifumi and Ronne, Arthur.

Drilling 2 - Development of a Directional Drilling System for Operation at 300°C for Geothermal Applications, Chatterjee, Kamalesh and Macpherson, John and Dick, Aaron and Grimmer, Harald and Klotzer, Sundai and Schroder, Jon and Epplin, Dave and Hohl, Carsten and Gacek, Sobieslaw.

EGS 1 - Experimental Simulation of Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation, Hu, Lianbo, Ahmad and Pritchett, John and Garg, Sabodh.

EGS 2 - Thermal Stresses Around EGS, Arshad, Mahmood and Nakagawa, Masami and Jahan Bakhsh, Kamran and Dunnington, Lucila.

EGS 3 - High Energy Stimulations Imaged With Geophysical Change Detection Techniques, Knox, Hunter and Ajo-Franklin, Jonathan and Johnson, Timothy and Morris, Joseph and Grubelich, Mark and Preston, Leiph and Knox, James and King, Dennis.

Environmental/Regulatory - Getting Paid for Grid Services and Supply Diversity: Are the Regulators Recognizing these Services?, Luckhardt, Jane and Flake, Scott.

Exploration - Structural Complexity of the Pirouette Mountain and Elevenmile Canyon Geothermal Systems, Alm, Steve and Walker, Douglas and Blake, Kelly.

Field Operations - Mitigation of Calcium Sulfate Scaling in Geothermal Production Wells, Gill, Jasbir S. and Jacobs, Gregory and Butler, Steven.

Geo Vision 1 - An Estimate of Shallow, Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources of the United States, Mullane, Michelle and Gleason, Michael and Reber, Tim and McCabe, Kevin and Mooney, Meghan and Young, Katherine R.

Geo Vision 2 - Findings From the DOE GeoVision Reservoir Management and Development Task, Lowry,Thomas and Kennedy, Mack and Carrigan, Charles.

Geochemistry - Tracer Testing in the Svartsengi Geothermal Field in 2015, Sverrisdottir, Sigrun Bra and Axelsson, Gudni.

Geology 1 - Summary of Phase 1 and Plans for Phase 2 of the Washington State Geothermal Play-Fairway Analysis, Forson, Corina and Czajkowski, Jessica L. and Norman, David K. and Swyer, Michael W. and Cladouhos, Trenton T. and Davatzes, Nicholas.

Geology 2 - The Geologic Framework of the Fallon FORGE Site, Siler, Drew L. and Hinz, Nicholas H. and Faulds, James E. and Tobin, Brett and Blake, Kelly and Tiedeman, Andrew and Sabin, Andrew and Lazaro, Mike and Blankenship, Douglas and Kennedy, Mack and Rhodes, Greg and Akerely, John and Hickman, Stephen and Glen, Jonathan and Williams, Colin and Robertson-Tait, Ann and Calvin, Wendy and Pettitt, Will.

Geophysics - 3D Geophysical Inversion Modelling of Gravity Data as a Subsurface Geothermal Exploration Tool With an Example From Akutan (Alaska, USA), Witter, Jeffrey and Stelling, Pete and Knapp, Paige and Hinz, Nicholas.

Power Plant 1 - Using “Ski Slopes” to Capture and Mix Oxygenated Water to Improve the Efficiency of Condensate H2S Abatement System at Aidlin Power Plant “, Benn, Brian and Sonneville, Allen and Morrison, Leslie and Bahning, Tom.

Power Plant 2 - Gumuskoy Repowering Case Study, Fiterman, Anton & Shoshan, Gad.

Reservoir Modeling 1 - Improvements to the AUTOUGH2 Supercritical Simulator With Extension to the Air-Water Equation of State, O’Sullivan, John and O’Sullivan, Mike and Croucher, Adrian.

Reservoir Modeling 2 - OLGA Modeling Results for Single Well Reinjection of Non-Condensable Gases (NCGs) and Water, Stacey, Robert and Norris, Lee and Lisi, Simone.

Tools and Instruments - Development of a Geothermal Well Inspection Camera With Active CO2 Cooling, Normann, Randy and Normann, Charles and Henfling and Glowka, David and Soares, Marshall.

The GRC has added all the papers associated with the technical session presentations to the GRC Geothermal Library at Papers from the 2016 Annual Meeting are available for members only. Papers from previous years are available for all.

In the next few weeks the GRC will issue a call for papers to be presented at next year’s GRC Annual Meeting taking place October 1-4, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Additional information about paper requirements and submission forms will be found at or by contacting the GRC at (530) 758-2360.

About the Geothermal Resources Council:

With the experience and dedication of its diverse, international membership bolstering a more than 45-year track record, the Geothermal Resources Council has built a solid reputation as one of the world’s preeminent geothermal associations. The GRC serves as a focal point for continuing professional development for its members through its outreach, information transfer and education services.

For more information, please visit

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