Be part of a user-generated time capsule documentary addressed to the future

Be part of a user-generated time capsule documentary addressed to the future

New multimedia documentary asks you to imagine and predict the future using AI.

Everyone wants to know what our post-pandemic world will look like — and if we will use this moment to reset our broken relationship with nature.

A new arts project launched this week invites the public to confront that question by making their own predictions and setting intentions for the future.

Project Reset is a time capsule project at the intersection of art, technology, storytelling — and the future.

At the heart of the project is an interactive online time capsule where people can write posts addressed to the future imaging the world in the year 2041.

Visitors to the platform are asked to contribute their predictions as part of a user-generated documentary. Results will be published in the year 2021 and 2041 in film, audio and book elements. 

“The pandemic has made us all realise the interconnectedness of all people in all places and the natural world. It has also revealed cracks in many social and ecological systems. We are living through a historic moment. As creatives, we feel compelled to document these times,” said project creator Fraser Morton.

People are invited to write two 1,000 character-maximum posts, labelled “Dear 2021” and “Dear 2041”. 

The first post invites users to document experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, and the second post invites people to write predictions and intentions for the future year 2041.

The posts are then entered into an online time capsule to be revealed in two stages in the years 2021 and 2041. A copy is also made for people to download and keep. 

“This is an intention-setting exercise for these pandemic times we are living through, and a tool for imagined futures in a post-pandemic world.” 

Project Reset opened for entries Aug 1, 2020 and the time capsule closes at midnight on December 31, 2020.

The project has a time capsule period of 20 years (2021-2041).


Aug 1, 2020: Project Reset opens for entries
2020 weekly blog with best selected anonymous entries

December 31, 2020: Project Reset Closes for entries

Aug 1, 2021: Dear 2021 results published in film + book.

Aug 1, 2041: Dear 2041 letter results published in film + book.

A book and films series are also planned with sponsors being sought.

The project has been created by currently out-of-work filmmakers and creatives who wanted to use the time to create a new arts project.

“We can’t film right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t produce creative work and mark this historic moment. Years from now, everyone will remember where they were during the pandemic. Through this time capsule, book and film series we are creating, people can also reflect on this time in the future and experience a collective story. That to us is an exciting prospect and project,” Morton added.

Learn more about Project Reset and post your experiences of 2020 and future predictions.

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Social Media: Instagram _projectreset




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