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Laos plans to build a $2-billion, 684-megawatt dam on the Mekong River, just two kilometres from the Thai border.
Controversy around the ‘unconstitutional’ law adds to an uncertain legal environment, while global shifts in fossil fuel finance may force an investment rethink.
Countries around the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin lack cooperation, losing over US$14.2 billion yearly from a lack of unity.
The experiences of rudraksha seed traders demonstrate how lack of Nepali government support and Chinese market power skew trade between the countries.
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Eco chic vs copycats
Fast-fashion brands are copying designs of sustainable clothing labels but they have not managed to imitate the concept.
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Smallholder cooperatives are breaking new ground
EB Studio How are sustainable agricultural practices transforming smallholder livelihoods for the better?
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