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Swedish clothing brand H&M was sued twice in 2022 for greenwashing
Asia is unlikely to follow the same litigious path as the West in tackling greenwash, and will rely on consumer advocacy and sustainability reporting. Meanwhile, the year ahead will see new forms of greenwashing emerge, and more 'carbon neutral' claims as firms woo climate-focused investors, experts predict.
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Demand for climate risk digital solutions is expected to quadruple in five years as extreme weather intensifies and regulatory pressure on businesses grows. The strongest growth is projected in climate-vulnerable Asia Pacific.
Complexities in tracing and transparency mean sustainability leaders may be falling short of their own commitments on palm derivatives and oleochemicals.
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Eco chic vs copycats
Fast-fashion brands are copying designs of sustainable clothing labels but they have not managed to imitate the concept.
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Smallholder cooperatives are breaking new ground
EB Studio How are sustainable agricultural practices transforming smallholder livelihoods for the better?
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