Asia Plantation Capital showcases pure oud oil at Esxence 2015

Fragrance Du Bois, part of the Asia Plantation Group of companies, is delighted to announce its second appearance at Esxence, the world’s foremost luxury perfume trade show. This year, Fragrance Du Bois is bringing its showcase stand to Milan, recreating the glamour, allure, and exquisite luxury of its boutiques that are setting new benchmarks around the world.

The showcase will feature Fragrance Du Bois’ innovative ‘Oud Trunk’, and will display pure and sustainable Oud oils, all of which have been certified as to source by Asia Plantation Capital and CITES, (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna).

The oils are used in all Fragrance Du Bois’ perfume creations, and are now being supplied to an increasing number of international perfumers and cosmetics companies. These include many of the luxury brands featured in Fragrance Du Bois’ international boutiques, as well as other brands that will be in attendance at the Esxence showcase, along with the growing coterie of Gulf-based companies and royal households.

Given the high value of Oud oil - with retail prices reaching in excess of US$250,000 per kilogramme for the purest examples - a staggering US$5million worth of oil will be on display at the Fragrance Du Bois stand. Suffice it to say that security will be appropriately tight.

“This year at Esxence we hope to help educate the industry into the value and importance of a certified supply chain,” said Gary Crates, European CEO of both Asia Plantation Capital and

Fragrance Du Bois. “The ‘Soil to Oil to You’ story applies to all of our plantation species, and not just Oud. Currently, we produce patchouli, vetiver and rose oils, along with many other sustainable oils and resins for international markets. At Esxence this year, we are launching multiple new products, several of which are firsts for the industry. These include APC Essentials - a new division of the Group dedicated to working with large and small companies to supply them their own naturally sourced and grown products. This complements another of our initiatives, L’Essence Du Bois, which takes the form of an exclusive journey through the 52 essences of nature found in all fine fragrances.”

Crates continued, “We are also introducing a range of hand-made, bespoke, artisanal boxes that can be selected and customised for each of our fragrances, as well as a range of exquisite hand-made crystal bottles for our pure Oud oils, designed by the eminent creators of luxury crystalware, Cristal De Paris. And that’s not all,” Crates concluded. “We have also entered into a design collaboration with Swarovski for Fragrance Du Bois’ Shades and Privé range of fine fragrances, featuring a selection of bejewelled caps that can be carefully chosen by clients and tailor-made to their personal preference of the perfumes in all our boutiques.”

Oud oils produced by Asia Plantation Capital come with an unprecedented number of certifications and awards, including approval from CITES and IFRA (the International Fragrance Association), with authenticity and proof of source being further augmented by Product Safety Data Sheets and EU Import Permits.

Asia Plantation Capital is also proud to have been the recipient of a number of awards recently, being nominated as a finalist in the Sustainable Beauty Awards, a finalist in The Art and Olfaction Awards, and being named as Capital Finance International’s (, ‘Best Sustainable Forestry Management Company – Global’, for 2014. It should be noted that Asia Plantations Capital’s products are Sharia Compliant, and to ensure the company’s commitment to sustainability, it guarantees to replant a minimum of two trees for every one Agarwood tree that is harvested.

It has become clear that consumers of luxury goods across the world are becoming far more conscious and concerned with the source of the products they buy, and with, perhaps, more than 60% of the global trade in Agarwood still emanating from illegal sources, it is vital for companies involved in its use and trade to ensure that their supply chains are secure and legal.

While even current certifications do not guarantee this, with Oud now being one of the luxury oils that is most ‘in demand’ worldwide, it is essential that companies respond positively to the supply chains that Asia Plantation Capital (and only a handful of other suppliers), can provide. It has never been more important than now to accept that cost should not be a factor when illegal logging, smuggling, and environmental damage are part of the equation.

All visitors to Esxence this year will receive a warm and aromatic welcome at the Fragrance Du Bois stand, and the team there will be able to show clients the company’s extraordinary range of perfumes and back end sustainable supply chain products that help to deliver one the world’s most sought after luxury commodities.

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