ALLCOT presents its Climate Change Fund

Sebastián del Valle, responsible of Origination and Strategy of ALLCOT, presented the Allcot Climate Change Fund (ACCF) during the event Marketplace: CDM’s fair and other initiatives of Carbon Market, which took place in Bogota and organized by the UNFCCC and CAF.

This event reunited mayor players on the CDM credit generation field in Colombia and some of the key carbon credit buyers like the World Bank, Norwegian Government and ALLCOT.

ALLCOT has created this fund because currently there are excellent conditions in the market. Most banks have left the sector and at the same time, the EU ETS in its 3rd phase has reached a solid maturity.

ALLCOT also believes that the increase of regulatory markets (ETS) in the world, in addition to a high degree of awareness globally, undoubtedly stands up for this Economic Fund.

Currently, ALCOTT is involved in negotiations and bringing the first investors to launch the ACCF. Experienced investors are being attracted, who has funds and / or commitments to CER carbon credits to be converted into EUAs to be used in the European market.

Considering the current market situation, this fund could be an ideal solution for some projects of the companies related to carbon markets, because it would allow its assets in carbon credits become productive in the fund until the market reaches a better price and decide to sell.

For more information about ALLCOT Climate Change Fund, contact Sebastián del Valle,

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