6th CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai: Sustainability reporting

Disclosing sustainability progress and performance is a challenging task - it involves investment of resources and requires transparency.

In the meetup we’ll tackle the following questions: What is sustainability reporting all about?

How can we use it as tool to minimize our corporate risks and increase our value? Which are the available mechanisms in order to maximize the impact of our efforts?

Join the meetup to learn from the experiences of others, do not re-invert the wheel! We will provide a holistic picture of sustainability reporting, methodologies and dos and don’ts you should know before embarking on this journey.

The meetups are free to attend. Please RSVP athttp://www.meetup.com/CSR-Sustainability-Meetup-Dubai/.

About CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai:

CSR and Sustainability Meetup Dubai aims to unite all CSR and Sustainability professionals in Dubai and the UAE. The main goal of the group is to network, exchange knowledge and expertise. Our aim is to generate new thinking on what best practice sustainability might look like, both in theory and in practice, incorporating all aspects, social, financial, environmental. Guest speakers will support us by sharing their experience and lessons learned.

The group is open to everyone - whether you are an experienced professional from Business, Environmental, Marketing, HR, Quality, Health & Safety, Communication, Non Profit and other relevant fields, a passionate novice or a ”love-to-share” advocate, we welcome you to attend.

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