500 students and academics from Shanghai pledge to live a LOHAS day

500 students and academics from Shanghai pledge to live a LOHAS day

Organizers aim to collect one million signatures from residents to lead a LOHAS life

Shanghai Ecowing, a company based in Shanghai, is aiming to collect one million signatures from one million people living in Shanghai.

The idea is to get people living in Shanghai to promise to lead a LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Day. We all know the importance of living in a healthy and eco-friendly environment, especially in China, with its many green sustainable policies. So the organizers hope that residents in Shanghai can “start small” and take the initial few steps to lead an eco lifestyle themselves – just for one day!

Shanghai Ecowing, the organizers of this initiative, hope that this affirmation to lead a healthy and sustainable day, will eventually lead to a long term commitment. This is especially so, as people begin to understand the benefits of living a LOHAS life after having been through it for one day.

The initiative is opened to all of Shanghai’s residents and expatriates, regardless of age, nationality or income background. Some of the locations that the organizers are targeting include the Central Business District, Residents’ Communities, Shopping Centres, Universities and Schools.

The organizers of the One Million Signature LOHAS Day were at Shanghai University recently, and have managed to obtain 500 signatures from students and academics!

The One Million Signature LOHAS Day, is organized as part of ECO LIFESTYLES 2011, an eco exhibition in China held at the Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion from 15 to 17 September 2011.

The event aims to bring together eco-friendly companies and green brands. It also aims to grow China’s LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, by educating the consumer on the benefits of eco-friendly and green products, as well as encouraging green and eco-friendly lifestyles.

The event is supported by Shanghai municipal government and organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission and China Trade Promotion Committee

ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 will showcase Eco products, focusing on Eco Food, Eco Design, Eco Home, Eco Beauty, Eco Fashion, Eco Family & Kids and Eco Entertainment. It will be a full three day event, inspiring healthy ecological lifestyles for China.

Click on www.ecolifestyles.cn to see more details of the event.

The One Million Signature LOHAS Day will continue into ECO LIFESTYLES 2011, from 15-17 Sep 2011. Visitors to the exhibition, both professional visitors and the public, will get a chance to pen their affirmation to lead a LOHAS day.

Plans are already underway to organize a fresh signature collection drive at Fudan University and Tong Ji University. As the two universities are currently having semester examinations (and later holidays), the signature drives are slated to be held sometime in August and early September later this year.

Other signature drives will be held at the Central Business District, shopping centres and residents’ communities.

For media enquiries or to receive a high-resolution photo of the signature collection drive at Shanghai University, please contact:

Emma Xu

Shanghai Ecowing Business Consulting Co, Ltd

10F, Mingde International Plaza, 588 North Xizang Road, Shanghai.

Tel: +86 21 6605 1988

Email: emma@slinedesign.com

Patrick Wong (Singapore Representative)

Tel: 65 9327 1535

Email: ecolifestyles@ymail.com

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