22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

Welcome to the leading international platform for dialogue between research, industry, policy and business of biomass

“In the last years the research community has accomplished significant progress in all fronts of biomass and bioenergy with key breakthroughs in several areas. In parallel the guiding principles on biomass sustainability raised ethical, trade, business-related, and policy issues associated to biomass availability, competition amongst the different uses of biomass as well as endless discussions on the complex issue of land use raising uncertainties in the mind of consumers, the civil society and the policy makers. The research community appears divided especially when modelling and predictive work is concerned ensuing in further confusion for the stakeholders. Simultaneously it is recognised by all that biomass and bioenergy is the main avenue that has to be driven upon if we are to attain the European and global climate change targets that have been set. Only the biomass & bioenergy industry can bridge the gap by undertaking reliable and well reasoned investments with social responsibility and political accountability” - Industry Committee Coordinator, Kyriakos Maniatis, European Commission, DG ENER.

Therefore, the key focus of the 22nd EU BC&E will be interaction between research, industry and policy makers. For this purpose the conference programme will be structured to satisfy the needs of both the wider audience and the scientific specialists by involving close interactions between the pure science, the industrial exploitation of the results of the research and the policy makers who provide the framework for research and industry. The programme will offer overviews of the latest scientific findings, industrial progress and political landscape and will extend from biomass itself to conversion processes for biofuels, bioenergy and biorefineries and to industrial applications and impacts on the environment.

This will be a challenge for organisers and participants alike, but interaction and integration of the 3 main arms of the conference (research, industry and policy) are essential if biomass is to make a continued significant contribution to the developing low-carbon economy. Indeed, Europe has ambitious targets for 2020 and beyond for sustainable biomass, bioenergy, biofuels and biorefineries” - Technical Programme Chairman, David Baxter, European Commission, JRC.

The 2014 Conference marks the first edition where the call for abstracts is open not only for scientific presentations but also for industry-oriented presentations. To attract and engage industry, the Executive Committee has decided to set up an Industry Committee to deal with the continuously increasing number of industry-oriented abstracts and to promote the interests and needs of the Bioenergy Industry.

Background of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

For over 30 years now, the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - European BC&E - has combined a well-renowned international Scientific Conference with an Industry Exhibition. The European BC&E is held at different venues throughout Europe and ranks on top of the world’s leading events in the biomass sector.
It provides a high-level scientific programme and parallel events which attract participants from a wide ranging background: Researchers, engineers, technologists, standards organisations, financing institutions and policy and decision makers. Such a global exchange platform of current knowledge in turn attracts industrial exhibitors, making the conference events a significant tool for technology transfer and innovation.

This event is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector, WCRE - the World Council for Renewable Energy, EUBIA - the European Biomass Industry Association, UNICA - Sugarcane Industry Association, Brazil , BEC – Biomass Energy Committee, China and other organisations.

The Technical Programme is coordinated by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre.

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