19 Paper Giants disclose their ecological footprint

WWF is launching the second WWF Environmental Paper Company Index, a rating of paper producers on their global ecological footprint.

In this round of the Index, 19 globally significant producers of fine paper, tissue and packaging have allowed WWF to scrutinize their global paper production on key environmental criteria, such as fibre coming from well-managed forests, clean production and public reporting.

“WWF applauds the transparency of participating producers. By allowing evaluation of their environmental performance these companies are showing that they take environmental and social responsibility seriously,” said Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager of WWF International´s global pulp and paper work.

The producers participating in this year´s Index are:

  • Fine paper category: Arjowiggins Graphic, Burgo, Cascades, Domtar, Fedrigoni, Mondi, M-real, Stora Enso, Suzano, UPM;
  • Packaging category: Cascades, Korsnäs, Mondi, SCA Containerboard;
  • Tissue paper category: Arjowiggins Graphic, Metsä Tissue, Renova, SCA Tissue, Sofidel

The best scores on environmental footprint overall were achieved by companies in the packaging sector: SCA Container board with 85.55 per cent and Mondi with 75.45 per cent of achievable scores. In the Fine Paper category, the best scores were achieved by Arjowiggins Graphic with 73.86 per cent, and in the Tissue category by SCA Tissue with 65.13 per cent of achievable scores.

More scores for the best performing producers reaching at least 60 per cent of achievable scores can be found on www.panda.org/PaperCompanyIndex.

“At SCA Containerboard we are extremely proud to be named among the best scoring companies in the Environmental Paper Index of WWF International! For a long time we have devoted relentless energies to offering environmentally-sound products. This achievement will generate additional enthusiasm to fuel our environmental performance,” said Stefano Rossi, Vice President & Managing Director, SCA Containerboard.

“Arjowiggins Graphic class leading score in the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index - Fine paper category, confirms the importance of leadership in the usage of recycled fibre, for graphic papers, as part of an economically successful sustainability strategy,” said Jean Charles Monange, Sales and Marketing Director, Arjowiggins Graphic.

“The willingness of companies to participate in WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index is a positive reflection on our industry and Mondi is delighted to once again be recognised as one of the top performing paper and packaging companies. Our approach to product responsibility incorporates transparent disclosure of our environmental footprint and allows responsible buyers to choose our products,” said John Lindahl, Group Technical Director, Mondi.

Paper is a renewable, recyclable material, with a potentially lower footprint than substitute materials, if managed responsibly. However, the sector’s size and impacts are expanding, leaving an unacceptably large ecological footprint on the planet unless the industry makes significant improvements.

“WWF encourages buyers of paper, shareholders and investors to minimize their environmental risks by responding positively to the transparency and examples of improved performance shown by producers participating in the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index,” said Rod Taylor, Director of WWF’s Global Forest Programme. “We invite more major paper producers from around the world to disclose their ecological footprint in the next Environmental Paper Company Index assessment in two years’ time.”

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