The future of cities

[The EB Podcast] As urban populations grow at an unprecedented pace, how can technology help planners and policymakers ensure their cities remain liveable and sustainable?

More people now live in urban areas than in rural ones, and this demographic shift has raised concerns on how cities will accommodate their growing numbers, provide jobs and manage its increased environmental impact. 

Around the world, policymakers, communities, and businesses are exploring innovations to tackle stress on public infrastructure, energy insecurity, pollution, and climate change. 

Densely populated Singapore, with its ambition to become the world’s first Smart Nation, has positioned itself as a “living lab” for innovative technological, finance, and knowledge solutions to urban challenges. 

In the second episode of the Let’s Write the Future series, we feature Goh Chee Kiong, executive director, cities, infrastructure & industrial solutions (2013 to 2017), Singapore Economic Development Board. He led the development of the industry in the Republic, and was actively involved in shaping many national initiatives in Cleantech, Sustainability and Urban Solutions spanning related government agencies.

Listen to this latest episode, where we discuss these questions and more: 

  • How will technology help policymakers, planners, and companies stay ahead of Asia’s urbanisation challenges?
  • How can Singapore, and solutions developed in the city-state, help countries in the region balance urban growth with social and environmental protection?
  • What will a day in the life of Asia’s cities look like in 2050? 

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