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Hacking is not in the sustainability dictionary: A call for ethics at all levels of the corporate world

Ken Hickson comments on the big questions about media behaviour in the UK and the Murdoch empire:

“As we sit and watch Parliamentary enquiries on live TV and see Rupert Murdoch and son James put through the hoops by earnest MPs, and we learn day by day of further resignations and arrests, we can only wonder where this will lead to.

“Such behaviour by numerous journalists from more than one newspaper, who not only invade the privacy of innocent individuals, but also use all sorts of illegal means to gain incriminating evidence or gossip, is not to be condoned in any way whatsoever.

“Now you well ask, what this has to do with abc carbon express or Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA).

“Sustainability is about more than helping the environment and committing to charitable causes. In a business sense, it involves corporate social responsibility, governance, ethics and transparency. It impacts on labour policies and trade practices. It means running the business in a sustainable way for the benefit of all stakeholders, not just major shareholders

“We need to see the corporate world, including media owners, committing to genuine sustainability - the four E’s of sustainability include economic, environment, energy and ethics - and setting some high standards in the boardrooms, offices, newsrooms, factories, as well as through their communications”.

Extract from abc carbon express issue 148 : 25 July 2011

For more information and the full commentary from Ken Hickson, go to and

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