Singapore-based startup Capture appoints new CEO

Climate tech entrepreneur Iris Zhao takes over from co-founder Josie Stoker as Capture’s chief executive. The company’s app helps individual consumers track their carbon emissions.

Iris Zhao, Capture
Iris Zhao has joined carbon tracker app Capture as chief executive, based in Singapore. Image: LinkedIn

Singapore-based sustainable lifestyle app Capture has appointed new leadership.

Joining the startup as chief executive is climate tech entrepreneur Iris Zhao, who moves from Shanghai to Singapore to run the three year-old company.

Zhao replaces Josie Stoker, Capture’s co-founder, who has moved to professional services firm Deloitte

Capture enables individuals to track the carbon emissions of how they live, offering rewards for leading low-carbon lifestyles.

The start-up competes in a crowded market for sustainable lifestyle trackers. It has enlisted about 88,000 users in Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and Germany since launching in 2019.

“Moving forward, Capture is focusing on product innovation to empower businesses with intelligent tools guided by net-zero targets,” said Zhao.

A growing number of businesses have net-zero targets, although a recent report by carbon measurement non-profit CDP found that most decarbonisation targets are not aligned with the Paris Agreement on climate change.

With Zhao’s appointment, Capture has added other services, including digital learning and carbon offsetting.

“We intend to develop Capture beyond carbon accounting and reduction, and embrace the new wave of sustainable innovations in blockchain and machine learning,” she said in a press statement.

Zhao joins Capture after a short stint running a carbon reduction game platform called Finding Narwhal, which she found in June this year.

She brings experience in venture capital, management consulting, and engineering to the role. Her past experience involves a stint as an energy consultant for professional services firm McKinsey.

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