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Las Piñas deploys 'anti-plastic' police to assist in environmental drive

The Las Piñas City government deployed “anti-plastic pulis” (police) to enforce the environmental protection ordinance, banning the use of plastic bags to carry food and purchased items as it intensified the zero-waste clean-up drive.

Mayor Vergel Aguilar ordered the deployment of the “anti-plastic pulis” who will strictly enforce the implementation of a city ordinance prohibiting the use of plastics and styrofoam materials in packaging and handling of items and food products in all establishments, markets and sari-sari stores in the city.

Aguilar urged city residents to bring green bags when shopping, marketing and buying their groceries.

Stressing concern for the environment, the mayor underscored the city’s cleanliness and environment protection program as top in his agenda, saying that it will strengthen clean and green campaign to cushion the impact of disasters, resulting in loss of lives and properties. “We must take definite steps now starting with a no-plastic policy in markets, retail stores and in households to minimize non-biodegradable wastes in order to save and protect the environment,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar pointed out that the indiscriminate dumping of plastics and environment hazard materials in the environment and the eventual burning of similar materials emits pollution, deteriorates water quality and causes the shallowing of rivers and bays, posing serious threat to health and the ecosystem.

The mayor directed barangay officials and volunteers to conduct regular monitoring, cleaning-up and clearing activities of parks, markets and public places, waterways and creeks, as well as open spaces to ensure safety and protection of residents from flash floods to avert the spread of diseases.

Aguilar also mobilized all environment protection committees in 20 barangays to link up with the city’s Environment and Sanitation Center and Clean and Green Council to intensify their clean-up operations and zero-waste campaign to minimize and eventually achieve zero-waste surroundings.

He urged households to step up their waste segregation practices and encouraged them to say “no” to the use of plastic bag and polystyrene foam (styrofoam) in their purchases and food packaging from food/retail stores, talipapa or wet markets in compliance with the recently-passed city ordinance.

To ensure compliance, “anti-plastic pulis” will monitor commercial establishments, sari-sari (retail) stores, public markets and over 30 talipapa (wet markets) and prohibit plastic bags and styrofoam products for packaging items.

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