Women empowerment in Southeast Asia’s clean energy economy

Women empowerment in Southeast Asia’s clean energy economy

Women-founded and led startups are receiving more attention in Southeast Asia, but they still represent a very small fraction. This is the focus of a webinar bringing together entrepreneurs and experts at Women Empowerment in Southeast Asia’s Clean Energy Economy virtual meetup on 9 March, one day after International Women’s Day.

The situation in Southeast Asia reflects a global trend: only 20 per cent of global startups are led by women (2019), while women represent only 32 per cent of the workforce in the renewable energy sector. Exploring the barriers to women-led climate entrepreneurship, as well as the support up-and-coming women entrepreneurs can tap into will be crucial to ensure the benefits of clean energy and climate solutions are distributed more equitably and sustainably.

Hosted by New Energy Nexus, the panel of speakers includes representatives from startups, supporting organizations, and venture capital:

  • Chi Trinh is the Vietnam Country Manager of Clime Capital. Clime Capital identifies and creates investment opportunities founded on long-term, stable cash flow assets that contribute towards reducing climate change impacts, alleviating infrastructure gaps, and building sustainable economies.
  • Laurie B. Navarro is the President of CSi Energy Solutions International. CSi is a consulting company on energy and environment based in the Philippines and providing services in the region.
  • Maaike Doyer is founder of Epic Angels - a network of female executives and operators who have built and expanded multiple companies in all parts of the world. Epic Angels has the ambition to become the largest female-only angel network in Asia.
  • Mada Ayu Habsari is Managing Director of PT. Enertec Mitra Solusi - a women-led startup based in Indonesia that is focusing on energy service, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Enertec started its journey as an energy services company with the focus of providing energy efficiency solutions on existing buildings and retrofit public facilities.
  • Phattanan Supasatian, Chief Executive Officer, Godung Faifaa - a new online market that collects complete solar system equipment.
  • Stanley Ng is the Southeast Asia Program Director at New Energy Nexus - an international nonprofit that supports diverse clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators, and networks.

Topics covered in the virtual meetup:

  1. Opportunities and challenges for women-led clean energy and climate startups and enterprises
  2. Perspective on the performance of women-led clean energy and climate startups and enterprises
  3. Supports available from the community for clean energy and climate female founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators

​Register at: https://bit.ly/WomenEmpowerment22

About New Energy Nexus:

New Energy Nexus (NEX) is an international nonprofit supporting diverse climate entrepreneurs to accelerate the transition to 100 per cent clean energy for 100 per cent of the population. New Energy Nexus provides funds, accelerators and networks, with initiatives in China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Uganda and the USA.

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