WEnergy Global Webinar: Rooftop solar PV energy for C&I: Way to reduce operating expenses in Asia

Webinar description

In the 4th WEnergy Global Webinar “Rooftop Solar PV Energy for C&I: Way To Reduce Operating Expenses in Asia” on Wednesday 21 October 2020 at 16:00-17:30 Singapore Time, moderated by Mr. Ingo Puhl, Co-Founder of South Pole, a dialogue with panellists Dr. Roland Rösch, Deputy Director on Innovation and Technology Center, of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Ms. Shilpa Krishnan, Head of Investments of WEnergy Global and Mr. Quintin Jose Pastrana, Head of Business Development of WEnergy Global and President of WEnergy Power Pilipinas.

In this webinar, the panellists will share their views and experiences with Solar Rooftop PV Systems and the benefits for owners of commercial and industrial buildings in Asia, with a focus on ASEAN. They will discuss the current trends, opportunities, technology-choices, and ways to finance Solar Rooftop PV for C&I. They will also share their knowledge and views on reduction of operating expenses of owners of such systems and their environmental benefits. Aside from the national benefits to the decarbonisation of countries in Asia, the C&I sector is facing several barriers in deploying Solar Rooftop PV. The panellists will address such challenges and how in a few countries they managed to deal with them.

Inside the dialogue

The demand of energy of the C&I sector has been increasing through the years driven by an increase of demand for essential and luxury goods in Asia. C&I owners are using new technologies for production and their increasing energy demand is facing challenges: national power grids are not always able to deliver good quality electricity without much disruption, forcing companies to use diesel generators as a backup power source.

Through the years, more and more C&I companies are adopting renewable energy solutions such as the Solar Rooftop PV to reduce their operating costs. Soon, in the near future, they will add to solar power also small scale windmills in, for example in coastal zones or on land with wind corridors.

This webinar invites experts working in the field of Solar Rooftop PV systems for C&I sector and experts in research on Solar PV Systems to better understand the reliability of technology, efficiency and risks of key components and what C&I decision-makers should consider when procuring such systems for their rooftops.

This seminar will also address financial performance indicators and carbon savings on the basis of which C&I owners can make good decisions to own and operate such systems.

Webinar programme

Welcome and Introduction

Dialogue with panellists

Q&As and polls


Webinar moderator

Mr. Ingo Puhl, Co-Founder of South Pole

Webinar disclaimer

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WEnergy Global Pte Ltd
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