[Webinar] Secure your supply chains and empower your clients with Timber Chain

[Webinar] Secure your supply chains and empower your clients with Timber Chain

How are you securing the transparency, accountability and sustainability of your commodity supply chains?

With increasingly stringent regulations (such as the EU Timber Regulation), accelerating digitisation, and shifting trends in globalisation, conventional Chain of Custody solutions are not always enough to protect your brand and customers. That is why Preferred by Nature, blockchain provider iov42, and hardwood trader Carl Ronnow have come together to launch Timber Chain.

Timber Chain is a first-of-its-kind service that:

  • Enhances digital data recording processes for companies;
  • Optimises auditing and certification processes for certifiers; and
  • Ensures data integrity by securing everything on an immutable ledger.

Join this free webinar to learn how your organisation can enhance its traceability, transparency, and overall security through Timber Chain. In this live event, you will hear from the three collaborating organisations on:

  • Why and how they came together to transform supply chain management
  • The benefits of using Timber Chain from an enterprise and certifier perspective
  • What the live Timber Chain service looks like in action
  • How you and your organisation can get involved with Timber Chain

The webinar will end with an open Q&A session.

Ready to learn more about the power of frictionless due diligence? Register for this webinar by clicking here.

If you are unable to attend, do still register and you will be sent a recording of the webinar following the live event.

FYI: We plan to hold a second webinar for participants from Americas towards the end of summer. If you are interested in hearing about this event, please share your contact information here.

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