Waste to hydrogen – emerging source for clean mobility fuel production

Solar and wind power sources are already highly solicited to decarbonize the electric grid. Organic waste, including plastics and sewage sludge, offer a useful alternative as a hydrogen source for clean mobility fuel production. The webinar looks into a case study around the complete value chain from waste processing to hydrogen delivery for a truly carbon negative transportation sector.

Pairing the possibilities together, join us at this 75-minutes #CMTH2 webinar for experts analysis and insights on hydrogen production from waste.


Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO, Ways2H

Andrew Hagan, Executive Chairman, AJH Emerging Technology Intelligence

(Moderator) Jean-Marc Tixhon, Senior Consultant, Hinicio

Join us for our webinar where we discuss about Waste to Hydrogen – Emerging Source for Clean Mobility Fuel Production, 9 September 2020, 10:00 CEST.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Fu Hui Yan
[javascript protected email address]

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