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Waste Management & Recycling Summit 2015


Doha Qatar

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Qatar is one of the rapidly growing nations in the GCC countries. Development patterns can, and often do, have negative effects on the natural environment. Qatar is generating a total of 1.6 to 1.8kg per day per person of solid waste; this number is predicted to reach 19,000 tons/day in 2032. With an annual growth rate of roughly 4.2% out of which 30 percent of that is generated by households, and the remainder is comprised of construction and demolition materials, only 3% is recycled, 4% is incinerated while the remaining is disposed into landfills. The landfills in Qatar are running out of space and new engineered landfills need to be created.

Qatar aims at raising the recycle share from 8% to 38% of solid waste, reducing landfill to 53% and converting waste to energy. Energy conservation is a must, as the energy resources are finite, and their consumptions are increasing at alarming rates. The country depends on desalted seawater, which consumes extensive amounts of energy, and is produced by using the least energy efficient desalting system.

Qatar has already committed to enforcing international standards for environmental protection when designing and implementing its industrial projects. The country must also commit to making its future path of development compatible with the requirements of protecting and conserving the environment. After the grand success of the 1st Waste Management & Recycling Summit Qatar, Nispana is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Waste Management & Recycling Summit Qatar scheduled on the 3 & 4 February 2016 in Doha, Qatar. Participants at the summit will include important government bodies, research institutes, international waste management experts, Health, safety experts, environmental consultants and recycling firms to name a few.

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