Unlocking Shared Value

A two-day immersive workshop from ACCSR and Incite (South Africa). Fully updated with Australian case studies. Shared value is not another name for sustainability-as-usual. It speaks to an economic shift that is taking place now, and that offers opportunity to those who develop the skills to work with it. You will leave this course with new tools and perspectives that will enable you to engage this emerging landscape more effectively.

Jointly convened by the Shared Value Project, hosted by IAG.

Well beyond compliance and traditional corporate social responsibility, shared value is a business growth strategy. It drives growth by addressing societal challenges – at scale – as a business proposition. Shared value strategies require us to rethink productivity across the value chain, reconceive products and markets, and create enabling environments by partnering on cluster developments.

The sustainability landscape is shifting – fast. Compliance with ESG standards is increasingly assumed and standardised; corporate social investment is reinventing itself in the form of business diplomacy; and leading organisations are exploring shared value tools to catalyse innovation and competitive power.

ACCSR Director Dr. Leeora Black met with Jonathan Hanks of Incite (South Africa) in Amsterdam following the Shared Value Conference in New York in May 2016. Jonathan discusses some of the exciting takeaways from the upcoming Shared Value Workshop in Sydney on September 07 – 08.

In this two-day workshop, you will use theory and more than 20 practical casesfrom across the world to:

  • Deepen your understanding of sustainability and the shifting competitive landscape
  • Learn and apply strategy tools that will help you position your company’s response
  • Identify shared value innovations for your business using Incite’s Shared Value Innovator™
  • Learn and apply the VILROS™ materiality analysis
  • Explore and troubleshoot the five steps needed to build an effective shared value culture
    across your organisation.

This course will be led by Jonathan Hanks of Incite (www.incite.co.za). Incite has worked with companies throughout Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia, helping these companies grow their business and brand by creating shared value.

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