UCFS 2022 - Investment opportunities in Indonesia’s green growth

UCFS 2022 - Investment opportunities in Indonesia’s green growth

Asean giant Indonesia holds the G20 presidency this year and has unveiled the theme of ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’ to rally global efforts to build an inclusive and green recovery in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising geopolitical tensions.  

The presidency is welcomed as a timely platform for developing nations to shape the post-Covid recovery strategy and for Indonesia to play a stronger role in driving sustainable development in the region. A recent study however showed that the country will need to invest around US$200 billion a year in low carbon initiatives till 2030 in order to meet its declared net zero target by 2060.  

As government coffers can only fund less than half of this, there is urgent need — and potential — for other forms of capital to invest in sustainable infrastructure development. Its economy is projected to be the seventh largest in the world by 2030.  

Meanwhile, there is a lack of capacity to implement such projects, especially in the remote areas of the archipelago nation; while the lack of infrastructure financing hinders efficient economic growth.  

Where are the investment opportunities at this critical juncture of Indonesia’s growth, and how will the country overcome its capacity and funding challenges? Drawing on the experience of professionals from the sustainability and finance industries as well as experts from the private and public sector, Eco-Businss invites you to join us in this dialogue ‘Investment Opportunities in Indonesia’s Green Growth’, which will provide insights on Indonesia’s green growth journey.

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