Transportation and Installation Solutions for Offshore Wind in APAC

Transportation and Installation Solutions for Offshore Wind in APAC

As the offshore wind market picks up in the Asia Pacific region in new markets like the Philippines, Australia and India as well as discussions in the industry about floating wind, it is important to leverage on the lessons learnt in other markets.

While there are experiences associated with the transportation and installation (T&I) of fixed bottom structures in mature markets, the Asia Pacific market, due to the supply chain limitation, has its own set of challenges coming from vessel availability as well as the analysis required due to different ground conditions. To reiterate the importance of assurance services, DNV has curated a series of topics focusing on the T&I aspects of offshore wind as part of our efforts in upskilling the industry.

Expanding offshore wind energy into deeper waters necessitates the uptake of floating foundations in the industry. Along with floating offshore wind (FOW) farms’ forecasted growth rate, the number and size of the floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) foundations will increase significantly.

However, based on feedback, information and studies related to T&I for FOWT foundations are limited. Coupled with the constraints of vessel capacity and availability, the T&I demand will be challenging to fulfil. As a result, to improve the efficiency of T&I for FOWT foundations has been identified as key bottleneck to tackle in the industry.

In addition, the lessons learnt in the analysis and assurance services for typical offshore wind farm, will also be useful as newer players enter in the Asia Pacific market, as a result, the analysis that goes into the T&I aspect as well as the roles of a MWS, evaluating of navigational risk becomes important.

Agenda and speakers:

  • Introduction of T&I analysis for offshore wind - Joe Zhang, Product Manager - Floating Structures, Offshore Structures and Renewable Energy Software, Digital Solutions, DNV
  • Importance of MWS for offshore wind T&I - Chiu Chun Yiu, Senior Marine Warranty Surveyor, Energy Systems, DNV
  • T&I techniques for floating offshore wind foundations - Lim Jun An, Engineering Consultant, Energy Systems, DNV
  • Site-specific assessment (SSA) for WTIV - Liu Wei, Business Lead, Principal Engineer, Energy Systems, DNV
  • Navigational risk assessment (NRA) – Evolution of DNV methodologies - Zainal Abdeen Mohammed, Head of Section - Risk Management Advisory Singapore, DNV

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