The role of finance in restoring our natural ecosystems

The role of finance in restoring our natural ecosystems

Investments into nature-based solutions (NBS) are emerging as a key driver to safeguarding biodiversity and restoring natural ecosystems around the world. However, the capital being deployed into NBS is a small fraction of what is currently needed, with most of it being supported by public coffers. The world needs to quadruple its annual investment in nature if the climate, biodiversity and land degradation crises are to be addressed by the middle of the century, said a recent report by the United Nations. How can the private sector play a bigger role in driving NBS investments?

What are some mechanisms that have proven to be effective in this region? Does the region have the right skill sets as the industry matures? In partnership with RS Group, Unlocking capital for sustainability will bring together key players in Asia Pacific to discuss what can be done to accelerate the natural capital sector in Asia.

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