The New Plastic Economy: Beyond the Buzzwords

Plastic products surround us in our everyday life. Since the invention of plastic, it has helped accommodate for technological breakthroughs and rapid economic progress. However, the qualities that make plastic such a useful and widespread material also makes it an incredibly lasting and harmful pollutant.

Regrettably, recovery and recycling measures for plastics have not kept up with the increased production and consumption. Today, marine and plastic litter constitutes a mammoth challenge, threatening the world’s marine wild life, marine ecosystems and ultimately human health.

The good news is that the topic is making its way to the top of the agenda of politicians, governments, civil society groups, and private businesses alike. A plethora of different initiatives, platforms, products and research and development to tackle this immense challenge, is surfacing every day.

Hear the thoughts on the current plastic pollution problems and possible solutions to address them from leading experts from WWF, UN Environment, GA Circular and the industry !

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