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Charities enable citizens to voluntary give help, typically in the form of money, to those in need. Although charities are very positive, people are often skeptical towards where their money is going and the true intentions of the charities. Chinese society in particular, has been concerned about transparency and efficiency of the charity system. The problems inherent in the traditional charity model have manifested through many facets, including compensation structure, fiduciary duty owed to the donors, the marketing/ advertisement spending, incentives for innovation and giving, etc.

This doesn’t mean people should stop giving. Most charities are ethical and have good intentions on how to effectively use the money they receive. There are also many other ways to “give” to a charity such as volunteering and raising awareness. It is most important for people to make informed decisions around which charities they support and for charities to be honest and transparent.

The limited success of charities is not always a result of unethical organizations. Our society has placed many limitations on charities that prevent them from succeeding in a way that we enable businesses to prosper. Due to these restrictions, there is a recent trend moving away from charities and non-profit organizations, and moving towards social enterprises, which are businesses that aim to create change.

Together with industry leaders and change makers from the nonprofit, social enterprise, and for-profit sector, we will discuss the needs and challenges to explore more social business models.

Some questions we would be looking to answer through this forum are:

  • How can we be sure that an organization is honest and legitimate?
  • Where are our donations used most effectively? Charities? Non-profits? Social enterprises?
  • What are the setbacks that limit the success of these organizations?
  • How does China compare with other parts of the world for the amount of charitable support and donations?
  • What is the B Corp? Is China ready for it?
  • What are the other innovative approaches to solve social problems?


  1. There will be an entrance fee of ¥30 for all registered guests including beer and beverages, and happy hour prices on other drinks. Limited number free entrance for students and interns, with PRIOR REGISTRATION (else ¥30).
  2. Snacks/simple bites will be provided with support from Yimishiji and FreshFresh.
  3. URBN Hotel is a Partner in Green Initiatives’ [WE] Project. If you have used electronic items to dispose for recycling please bring them to the event venue and drop them off at the WE Box.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Green Initiatives
[javascript protected email address]

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