The DNV Singapore Energy Transition Conference

The DNV Singapore Energy Transition Conference

As the world’s most dynamic economic region, Southeast Asia’s energy transition is critical to the global transition to net zero. Despite the good technical potential for solar and wind energy, natural gas, oil and coal still dominate the energy mix. The region is struggling with the expansion of renewable energy, particularly due to fragmented electricity networks and grid stability. At the same time, the supply chains for new low-carbon energy sources and transport fuels are still immature.

Despite the challenges, Southeast Asia - with Singapore as the center of finance and innovation - can play a crucial role in the future energy transition. There are numerous opportunities for environmentally friendly technologies and new business models.

DNV takes great pride in hosting the 3rd Singapore Energy Transition Conference, a testament to our unwavering commitment to a sustainable development in the region. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders throughout the entire energy value chain, we can unite our efforts to drive the changes needed and create a more future-proof energy landscape.

The focus areas of the 2023 Singapore Energy Transition Conference will be: 1) The growing share of electricity in the regional energy mix, which is expected to double to 36 per cent by 2050 and the demand for efficient and reliable power grids 2) The role of the new energy value chain in SEA 3) Decarbonisation in SEA 4) New energy supply chains and Singapore’s role as a bunker and transhipment hub 5) The state of maritime decarbonisation in the region

Join us for this important event and save the date now: 4 September, 2 pm – 5 pm

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