The Complete 3D Printing Ecosystem

The growth of 3D Printing means much shorter supply chains, reducing logistics and storage costs. Products can be manufactured to the right quantity rather then in wasteful excess of energy and materials.

3DP is definitely going places. We have seen breakthroughs almost on a daily basis in new materials and things being printed and in cost and speed barriers. A 2014 breakthrough was simply “out of this world”, when the Zero-G printer (designed to print in zero gravity) was launched into space. As 3DP technologies continues to advance rapidly, the embryonic 3DP ecosystem will metamorphosize and bloom into a multi-billion dollar industry within the next decade. Rewind back to the early days of the PC and mobile revolutions to visualize what the 3DP industry could become.

This future-looking session will show how the complete 3D printing ecosystem will look like in 2025 and the disruptive changes it will unleash. Our expert speaker will dissect the new ecosystem to reveal the new opportunities for entrepreneurs, new business models for enterprises and new roles for product owners and designers. And its disruptive impact on trillion-dollar industries, such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, defense and healthcare.

Hear how a Singapore-based 3DP pioneer, QwikFab is helping to drive this global 3DP revolution. Steve Kumar, the founder of QwikFab, is our special speaker for this session.

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ONG Gin Keat
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