The 8th Annual Global CSR & Summit 2016

The worldhas changed drastically since the last decade. Issues common in the CSR space such as the environment and ecology, people and societies, corporations and the economy have become even more challenging today. The state of environmental degradation have become more severe in many societies with dire repercussions to human lives and ecology locally and abroad.

The threat of global terrorism and the rise of extremist ideas have given rise to growing mistrust among societies. The impending slowdown of the global economy is creating additional pressure on corporations to maintain competitiveness and play a responsible role in business. The “New Normal” commonly used to describe the state of today’s economy can also be depicted in the wider aspect of human lives.

Are humans losing the fight against climate change? Are governments and corporations doing too little, too late? On the other front, tremendous momentum has emerged in green energy, innovations in environment solutions as well as technological advances in big data that enables societies to better manage their resources.

The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2016 now at its eighth successive year, notably one of the world’s longest reigning and widely respected conference and recognition event will address some of these pressing issues for 2016 and how companies and societies are facing up to the challenge.

See you there!

For speaking opportunities, please contact:

Eric Khoo
t: +65 6444 9049 | 8383 2480 (m) |

For media contact as well as enquiries regarding attendance and nominations, please contact:

t: +65 6444 1644 |

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Eric Khoo
[javascript protected email address]

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